TNS Foundation team up with Youth Cafe

The New Saints Community Foundation teamed up with the Oswestry Youth Café to run structured football sessions as part of the Oswestry summer programme.

The team have been attending Oak Street using the MUGA as a base to hold the sessions. The Foundation engaged with a number of children of all ages who have returned each week to enjoy the coaching that has been delivered.

With the sessions now over, the Foundation are currently exploring ways in which to direct children towards clubs of the community.

The Foundation team have met with the Health Champions in the area to assist them with a funding bid to provide a variety of sessions for them to attend. The TNS Foundation will also be launching a similar programme in the Castle fields area in Oswestry.

We would like to thank Jason Brindley and all of the TNS coaches that delivered on the programme along with Gill Jones who provided refreshments for the participants each week.


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