Comments from Mike Harris regarding recent Welsh Cup Match at Caernarfon

I would like to clarify the comments that appeared in the press immediately following the match at Caernarfon on 29thNovember against Welsh Premier League champions The New Saints FC, which seem to have been taken out of context.


This was a game that had it all and was a showcase for everything that is good about Welsh football.  There were great performances from both teams and an electric atmosphere created by the mass of home fans that were excited by the stunning goals and determined fight back from The New Saints who came from behind to win the game.


Added to this was the wall collapse, which was a heart stopping and unforeseen accident that was dramatised by the TV and press pictures.  I have at no time considered blaming anyone for this event and share everyone’s relief that no one was hurt, especially when you see the pictures showing many youngsters standing in close proximity to the incident.  It is also lucky that no ballboys or photographers were sitting in front of the wall when this accident occurred.


The comments that I made at the time were criticising the broader UK media for largely ignoring Welsh football – especially such a high quality game with this added drama.  I have no doubt that should such an exciting game have taken place in the English League then it would have received far wider coverage in the national media.  


The lack of coverage by the mainstream media highlights the inequality that exists between the UK’s different national leagues.

It saddens me that the exciting and vibrant games that are played in Wales each and every week are largely ignored by the national press, many of which do not even include Wales in their results pages? I am at a loss to understand what it will take to bring Welsh football to a wider if games such as this are not considered interesting enough?


I am of course sorry if anyone has taken offence at the way that my comments were presented in the media and reiterate that I have not made any statements placing blame on Caernarfon which is a great club and a credit to the Welsh Football League.  If anyone would like to talk to me further about this, I would be pleased to hear from them.

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