Jonny's Blog

Another week and another routine win for the Saints as Seargeant struck to give his side a 2-0 against a GAP Connah’s Quay side who are currently on the up.

However the win was expected and now Craig and his men can march in to a tricky trip to Port Talbot Town this weekend.

I wasn’t at Friday’s game due to work commitments and I won’t be there this weekend either as I am away, so by the time Bala comes around I will have to re-train the radio voice!

This game coming up is one I was very much looking forward to, as I would have been returning to face a man who I worked with at Newtown in the form of Bernie McNally.

McNally is the new boss of Port Talbot Town and all the people at the club will agree with me that he is one of the nicest men in football.

McNally took me on board at Newtown and is was so good to work with such a highly thought of pro who has also been to a World Cup.

I am sure Bernie will have great success as PTT and build a side just like he did at Newtown and I wish him all the best in his new role.

On another note the success of the radio is going great! Podcast last week with Scott Ruscoe and Greg Draper was top draw and the live commentary is going down a storm thanks to my co-commentator Stewart Bloor.

Great partnership we have struck up and hopefully the listeners will keep flocked in.

All the best