Rev's Ramblings

Didn’t we have a lovely time, the day we went to Newtown? Well, if you’re of a certain age you’ll know the song that I am referring to, albeit with a slight destination change. What a tremendous campaign it has been for The New Saints, with the senior team adding the domestic treble to the trophy cabinet.


Talking of songs, not only was the team bus journey back to Park Hall a happy one, it was also very musical. As a massive Motown and soul fan, I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything quite like Steve Evans’ rendition of The Temptations’ My Girl.


Craig Harrison may have joked about him coming to the end of his playing days at the TNS awards night, but please Steve, whatever you do, don’t consider a musical career as your next step. On the other hand, Jamie Reed is a definite contender should we ever host a ‘TNS Got Talent’.


At one stage we even had a few shouts of ‘Rev’ as an encouragement to belt out a tune, which thankfully were drowned out by a deafening chorus of ‘Graeme, Graeme, Graeme’. That was close. Rescued by our goalkeepers’ coach.


It was great to meet Darren and Laura at Newtown for the final. Darren is Greg Draper’s brother and he and Laura listen to TNS Radio regularly. Travelling from Somerset, they made a surprise visit to see Greg. It’s nice to see Darren’s new Twitter profile photo, with his brother, as they hold the Welsh Cup.


The final TNS Radio show of the season was a little different. Jonny Drury was occupied with other commitments on the day plus we had technical issues with the connection. The result was just Sam Thomas and I setting up shop in a pitch-side room that had lots of people passing through.


We took advantage of the passing traffic though and pulled in several who contributed significantly to the show. I want to give a special mention to Presteigne’s reserves manager, Mark Weiland. He was with us for the whole of the game and played a big part in making it a success. All the best, Mark and Presteigne, for next season.


Finally, it’s been great to run the just-for-fun competition that we call #BeatTheBelle. Cortez gives us his prediction and then we open it up for anyone to have a guess. Just one winner this week, David Basnett, who went for a 2-0 TNS win.


Last Sunday though, in the 1-1 draw with Bala Town, a cluster of people got the correct score. Kelly Caudill, Adam Hesp, Hannah Jones, Debby Bloor and David Sheekey all beat Mr Belle. I’ll be back next Monday. Have a good week.


The Rev.