Rev's Ramblings

What an amazing week it’s been for The New Saints.

On the road – not to mention in the air as well – and competing in the Champions League plus returning home with the club’s first ever away victory in the competition. The Faroe Islands is an amazing place and the people are so friendly and welcoming.

When Sam Thomas and I visited the stadium where we would be broadcasting from, we met Heidrikur Christiansen, the B36 Torshavn chairman. He took the time to show us round with a complete behind-the-scenes tour including the dressing room and the club offices. I even ended up with some memorabilia for my ever-growing collection – and that was without dropping any hints!

Andrass Thomsen, who is another of the club officials, was also extremely hospitable. So on behalf of The New Saints, I’d like to record our thanks to the club for looking after us during our time in the Faroe Islands. TNS Radio went well and it was great to get such positive feedback. We had Niels Petersen on prior to kick off.

Niels works for the national radio station and he gave us a rundown of our opponents, which was very helpful and contributed to the programme. Then of course, there was the game itself. What a fantastic experience it was just to be there, never mind presenting the radio show.

If you’d have told me a year ago I would be in Europe commentating on a Champions League game I would not have believed you. When we went 0-1 down early on, I’m not saying I feared the worst, but it wasn’t exactly the start we had hoped for. However, when Scott Quigley pulled one back, I’m sure a sense of calm returned to TNS fans around the world. And when Mike Wilde put one away right at the end, well, say no more. Whether in the stadium or the other side of the globe in New Zealand, I’m sure we were all buzzing.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being around the players and the management. Of course I got to know people during the course of last season, but spending five days together in close proximity is a different thing altogether. It was great to feel part of the team and for that, special thanks go to the TNS coaching staff of Craig Harrison, Scott Ruscoe and Steve Evans.

I have started a blog this last week that will cover my own personal journey through 2015 / 2016 with The New Saints. With the trip to the Faroe Islands kicking it off, it was a great launching pad. I must admit though I have been pleasantly surprised with the response and already It’s into four-figure views.


See you next Monday.

The Rev!