The New Saints FC are backing an online petition set-up by supporters to include Dafabet Welsh Premier League teams in a popular football video game. 
EA Sports’ FIFA is the world’s most successful and famous football game and currently includes association football teams from around the world, including England and Scotland, but has never included teams from the Welsh league.
Supporters of the Welsh Premier League have set up a petition, calling for EA Sports to add Wales to the next edition of the game, due out next year.  Fans can add their name to the growing list to show their support for the league.
The website was set up by The New Saints FC fan Asa Bailey and his 14-year-old son Ruben Bailey.
“I bought the game for my son because he is a big fan of football,” said Bailey, “and like any other kid he wants to play as his local football hero, but we were really disappointed to find out that Wales had been omitted from the game.  We have a healthy Welsh football league with professional players. 
“The league deserves a place in the game just as any other European country does.  We’re calling for EA games to include the Welsh Premier League in the FIFA 17 edition of the game.”
________________FC added:  ”We fully support this campaign for Welsh football to be recognised and included in FIFA 17.  The profile of Welsh football has been growing for a number of years and it is right that we should be recognised for this alongside England and Scotland.”
The petition can be signed at and shared with friends via facebook and twitter using the hashtag #putwalesinthegame.  It will be delivered to EA Sports teams in the UK and USA and organisers hope to gain the support of over 1000 Welsh football fans.