Saints Chairman Scoring Fans in South Africa

Carlo CarnowThe New Saints of Oswestry Town chairman Mike Harris won’t be able to cheer on his team in Llandudno on Saturday, but we can reveal that he will be cheering them on from a bar in sunny South Africa, where he has been busy promoting the football club.

The serial entrepreneur has been staying in the Western Cape, while he explores business opportunities and has managed to build a fan base there for the border town club.  In promoting TNS, he has also been promoting the town of Oswestry and building links with Stellenbosch University for a cultural exchange.

Harris explains:

There is a wealth of talent and products in South Africa which are really unique to this part of the world.  If the UK does leave the EU, I can see huge business opportunities working out here.

Of course being out here means I’ll miss the team playing in the Word Cup final this Saturday, but I’ll be watching on satellite TV and I hope to see us lifting the trophy at the end of the match.

Saturday’s TNS game against Denbigh FC in the Word Cup Final won’t just be watched by Welsh football fans.  Thanks to Harris, the game will be seen live in South African bars, hotels and homes where the club is being adopted by local fans.

Carlo Carnow, local businessman from Stellenbosh says:

I have known Mike for a few years now and he has made many local people aware of the borderlands of Wales and England. Many of us now follow The New Saints of Oswestry Town on the Internet.

Christo Marias, another local businessman commented:

The number of people that are now travelling to our town based on Mike’s recommendation is growing.

The manager of Batavia Boutique Hotel, Ilzerbet added:

We have had many guests to our hotel since I first got introduced to The New Saints, some years ago and it inspired me to visit the Oswestry area on holiday and even watch UK team TNS play while I was there.