Rev's Ramblings – Like having a loaf at the duckpond

The north Wales newspaper, Daily Post, is currently running a short series featuring the top ten in Welsh domestic football. When it came to the defenders it was great, and very fitting of course, to see our very own Steve Evans at the top of the pile. The word ‘legend’ is used quite liberally these days but in Evo’s case it is fully deserved.

Although not one of our own in the same sense, nevertheless it was equally pleasing to see Cortez Belle in there as well. Although not officially at TNS, as Stevo is, he’s actually involved in TNS Radio every week courtesy of his prediction that is one of our top features, #BeatTheBelle.

Sgorio's Mark Jones gives the cake thumbs-up
Sgorio’s Mark Jones gives the cake thumbs-up

On a personal level I have great respect for both in terms of what they’ve achieved on the pitch. In addition, my respect extends beyond 90 minutes of kicking a ball around, as they’re both great guys off it as well. Anyway, the Daily Post’s top ten has prompted me to come up with a shortened one of my own. The top six TNS Radio cake monsters.

Even Sgorio loves the cake - here's Tomi Morgan
Tomi Morgan just before he dived in

Another of the features we have on the show is the cake, baked every week by my wife, Debby. Since we introduced it last season it has become very popular, especially with the players. A matchday does not pass without numerous cries of ‘What cake have we got today, Rev?’ Then there’s the requests, with coffee cream by far the most popular. But back to The New Saints, who are the Park Hall cake guzzlers?

The latest creation from Debby's kitchen
The latest creation from Debby’s kitchen

In sixth place and only out of the medal placings because he hasn’t been doing the filming for a while, therefore has not been in close proximity to us during matches, is Steve Benyon. One of the coaches at TNS, he always had more than his fair share of cake. Literally. In fact his droolings live on air were very descriptive and delivered with real emotion as he thanked Debby for baking yet another great cake.

In fifth, and so just missing out on a Champions League cake eaters’ spot is press officer, Gilbert Woolley. He first came to prominence at Bangor City when brazen shouts of ‘Cake, cake, cake’ echoed across the press box in our direction. Since then it’s noticeable how his eyes often drift towards the plastic tub as I make my way into The Venue.

Look at Spends, he desires that cake for sure
Look at Spends, he desires that cake for sure

We invite anyone to make their way to TNS Radio while we’re live on air for a slice of cake. One young fan who always takes us up on the offer is Scott Roberts. In fact he’s the Oliver as far as the fans’ contribution to the top six is concerned, always making at least one return visit. Definitely a contender for a medal in the future but for now, with youth on his side, he occupies fourth place.

Like ducks when they see a loaf of bread
Like ducks when they see a loaf of bread

Although he’s a winner in everything else, Steve Evans has to settle for third place in this contest. A regular as far as his hand in the cake tub is concerned, it’s true to say that his consumption is above average as far as the players are concerned. Another one whose eyes often drop the moment I enter The Venue on cake days.

Only third spot for Evo the winner I'm afraid
Only third spot for Evo the winner I’m afraid

In silver as far as the medals are concerned is Simon Spender. Like everyone else, he’s very disciplined and professional prior to games. However, afterwards he more than makes up for it. Following the recent trip to Barry, I opened the cake tub and seeing the photo, my wife commented that it was like having a loaf of bread at the duck pond as a flock gathered around me. It was noticeable who led the flock.

Spends loves his cake
Spends loves his cake

Drum roll….. Well, there’s only one contender for the number one place. In fact everyone else combined can’t even keep up with him. Yes, it’s the undisputed champion of the TNS Radio cake world…. it’s goalkeeping coach, Graeme Classon. Words alone could never quite express why he’s on the podium wearing the gold medal round his neck, but I swear his eyes grow when the tub enters Park Hall on match-days.

He's the man - definitely number one
He’s the man – definitely number one

Well, variety is the spice of life as they say and this week’s Rev’s Ramblings has been a single-focus theme. I’ll be back next Monday, in the meantime enjoy your week and feel free to contact me on Plus don’t forget, ever at a game come and see what the fuss is all about. If you can beat the crowds that is.