My Time With TNS Radio – Rev's Ramblings

It was the club’s vision to launch a match-day radio show that opened the door to my own personal involvement with TNS. I’ll never forget turning up for the very first game – against Rhyl FC at Park Hall – and ‘having a go’ on the fledgling project.

That was at the beginning of the 2014/2015 campaign, which means I’m coming to the end of my third full season with the club. Although my commitment has blossomed into the equivalent of an ancient oak at the height of summer, I never forget the sapling-moment that brought me in.

TNS Radio is still going strong, and of course, like all good things, has evolved positively over the years. It has developed its own identity, which is all part of natural progression.

I enjoy doing the match-day commentary – and it does provide a resource for fans who aren’t at the game – but above all it’s the people-engagement that I really like.

You can listen to TNS Radio via the club website. There will be a post on the site giving details of the show etc, but what you need to look out for is the ‘Listen Live’ link that appears on the home page, ahead of kick-off.

We cover all fixtures, home and away, so if you’re not a match, why not tune-in and follow the action? All you need is an internet connection and away you go.

In addition, to reflect the community feel to the show, why not come on air? Whether just a few moments, or for a much longer period, everyone is welcome. At last weekend’s game, Euan Harris and Jacob Williams joined us for the whole of the second half.

Finally, we’ve had some new equipment recently. I’ve never been technically-minded, and pretty much what’s happened in the past is I’ve picked up a microphone and started talking. The behind-the-scenes work had been taken care of.

Now though I set the stuff up from scratch. It’s something that I never imagined doing, or to be more precise, being able to do. It’s amazing what you can do though when you set your mind to it.

I even understand not only where everything goes and where the dials need to be, but also why. I’ve surprised myself. It’s all a means to an end though, the best bit is still going on air and connecting with people.

With just two games to go, why not listen to us this weekend – and next – and send us a tweet using the hashtag #TNSRadio. In addition, you can send me a text on 07815 432371. We look forward to your company.

Stewart Bloor

Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my involvement with the club from a personal perspective.