The Show Still Goes On – Rev's Ramblings

Although the players are still out on a well-deserved break, the show still goes on as far as the bigger picture is concerned. This week’s blog entry covers a random day that I was at Park Hall during the week.

I’m used to seeing him lugging his photographic gear around, but when he was doing so on a non-match day, I knew Brian Jones was on a job. Always on the look-out for something interesting to publicise, I kept an eye on what he was up to.

Setting his gear up around a small table in the far corner of The Venue, the object of his photographic focus became clear when a plate of food appeared from the kitchen and ended up as the centre-piece on the aforementioned table.

The end result of Brian’s snapping away will, in due course, find itself on The Venue’s website. In the meantime it appeared on the main TNS site under the heading ‘Food, Food, Glorious Food’. You can check it out for yourself via the home page.

Taking advantage of Brian’s presence I also did an interview with him, which again has appeared on the site in a news item. Not just words and photos though but a video interview. It’s always good to look back and that’s exactly what we did, through Brian’s photographic eyes, over 2016/2017.

Interview number two – which again appeared on the website – was with Jason Brindley. TNS Academy is on the lookout for new coaches for the upcoming season. If you are interested, or perhaps you know someone who may be, make sure you check that out as well.

We have a great Academy at Park Hall, and the opportunity to get involved from the coaching side of things, is a great opening for those who feel called into that side of football. From the perspective of media, I always appreciate it when my work takes me into the world of TNS’ Academy.

I did a number of other things as well while I was at Park Hall. If I had to use only one word to describe my work with TNS it would be ‘Variety’. In this instance it most certainly is the spice of life.

From emails to telephone calls, there is a constant incoming trickle of communication. From international media enquiries through to people asking me when the fixtures come out, it’s a steady stream of ringing on my mobile or email alert sounds on the iPad.

As always though, I’m not complaining. I enjoy representing the club in this way and whether it’s reading an article that I’ve helped to set up, or knowing that we’ll be seeing new people at the next game, it’s very rewarding to know that you’re a link in the chain.

Stewart Bloor
Media & Communications Officer

Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my involvement with TNS from a personal perspective.