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The players are back in this week, so as far as TNS is concerned the new season begins – well certainly as far as preparation is concerned anyway. So while I’ve still got chance, I thought I’d look back over the 2016/2017 season and share a few highlights.

It’s a nice problem to have but I had so many things come to mind I didn’t know where to start. Or more to the point, what do I leave out. Anyway, I eventually settled on three, in no particular order.

One of many media appearances

Firstly, the media appearances with numerous print, website, radio and TV slots over the year. Although I see my role as first and foremost promoting the club and the team, the personal invitations I received to write or speak were very much appreciated.

Plus, the reality is that you can’t broadcast something effectively hidden away in a cupboard with a bag on your head. Whether writing, voice or in person, it was great to get numerous opportunities to promote TNS.

On ITV Central and Wales

Secondly, the invitation to visit the FA Ireland to speak to the top flight clubs at the Dublin HQ was special. Receiving an email from the FAI saying that my social media work had been noticed and would I like to speak at a conference made me feel very honoured indeed.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it shows that the work that you do is noticed by a wider audience than you realise. Although I was there because of TNS, the big picture was that I was also flying the flag for Welsh football

Speaking at the FA Ireland HQ in Dublin

Thirdly, although the club can’t go any higher, I did. I’m talking about the promotion to Media & Communications Officer that came out of the blue. It’s not that I’m slow, just cautious, but it’s taken me till now – the start of my fourth full season at TNS – to realise that I’m on a main career change.


I’m certainly looking forward very much to what the 2017/2018 campaign has in store. I’m expecting an amazing time but I believe that even my high expectation level is going to be surprised at what the next year is going to throw up. All I can say is, bring it on.


Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog insight into my experience at TNS from a personal perspective.

Stewart Bloor – Media & Communications Officer