Action Shots From St Johnstone

It was great to meet Gaby Levey while we were in Scotland during the week, and in particular at the St Johnstone game, where we spotted her taking photographs.

She very kindly sent us a batch of action shots from the match, which you can view below, with more on our Facebook page HERE.

We asked Gaby to tell us about herself as the photographer also became the photographed!

I am currently an undergraduate student studying Comparative Literature and Film Studies at the University of St Andrews. I am originally from Zimbabwe, but have been living in Scotland for the past three years.

I intern as a Media Officer at the Department of Sport and Exercise and the Athletic Union (Saints Sport) of the university.

Every year the university hosts ProSport Elite Training Camps and it is my job to go out onto the pitch every day to film or photograph the training and matches of visiting teams for the ProSport website and the Saints Sport social media platforms.