Monday Night League

The Venue Monday Night 6-a-side Football League

Currently Shropshire’s largest 6-a-side league system on Monday nights!

The League is now recruiting new teams for Season 20 which starts on the 12th of December 2016 (limited spaces available). If you wish to join, please contact or contact Rob on 01691 684840.
Please note – some names have been abbreviated as they were deemed inappropriate.

The League Format:

Teams are split into four leagues based upon Season 19’s final standings and standard of players in each team.

The League format is now four divisions  making promotion and relegation competitive for the whole duration of the season.

The Venue Premier League: 8 Teams in one league on the top level of the League.

Teams will play each other twice to determine league position (14 games)

Winners of the league will win £80 cash and prizes. The Premier League Play-Offs  will be teams finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

The play-offs will  be played in a straight knock-out phase to determine the Play-Off winner who will receive  £50 cash and prizes.

There will also be prizes for the initial league Runners-up and also Runners-up of the Play-Offs

5th and 6th will remain in the Premier League for another season with 7th and 8th being automatically relegated to The Venue Championship League.

The Venue Championship League: 8 Teams in the Championship league (14 games).

Winners of the league  will claim £80 in cash plus prizes and gain promotion to The Venue

Runners Up, 3rd, 4th and 5th will reach The Championship Play-Off Semi Finals.

Runners Up will play 5th in their league with 3rd playing 4th from their league. Winners will play-off in the Final to gain promotion to The Premier League along with £50 cash and prizes.

* The league reserves the right to change relegation and promotion places.

The Venue Division 1:  8 Teams in the League. Teams will play each other over two legs in the group (14 games).

Winners  will claim £80 in cash, prizes and gain promotion to The Venue Championship Runners up of each group will also win prizes

Runners Up, 3rd, 4th and 5th will reach The Venue Division 1 play-off’s. Runners Up will play 5th  with 3rd playing 4th.   The winner of these two  matches will play-off on finals night to gain promotion to the The Venue Championship League  along with £50 cash and prizes.

The Venue Division 2:  8 Teams in the League. Teams will play each other over two legs in the group (14 games).

Winners  will claim £80 in cash, prizes and gain promotion to The Venue Division 1, Runners up of the group will also win prizes

Runners Up, 3rd, 4th and 5th will reach The Venue Division 2 play-off’s. Runners Up will play 5th  with 3rd playing 4th.   The winner of these two  matches will play-off on finals night to gain promotion to the The Venue Division 1 League  along with £50 cash and prizes.

* The league reserves the right to change relegation and promotion places.

As well as competing in the league, teams have the chance to win silverware with five different cup competitions.

These are:

The Carl Lewis League Cup, which has been renamed after the sad loss of one of Oswestry’s most well-known footballing characters.

The tournament is played throughout the season in a straight knock-out, random draw format. 32 Teams. The tournament is drawn at random meaning any team in the system can draw any other. Winners of the tournament will receive a cash prize (donated by Venture Forestry and Landscapes) along with other prizes for both winners and runners-up.

The Venture Forestry Consolation Cup

Winners of the tournament will receive a prize (donated by Venture Forestry and Landscapes) along with other prizes for both winners and runners-up.

The Venture Forestry Champions League & Venture Shield

Teams from The Venue Premier League and The Venue Championship League are drawn at random into four groups of four. Teams will play each other over one leg (three games) and the winners and runners up of each group will progress into The Champions League Quarter-Finals.

The remaining eight teams will progress to The Venture Shield.

The draw for all rounds that follow will then be completely random in a straight knock-out format.

Winners of both tournaments win a cash prize along with other prizes for both winners and runners-up.

Venture Plate

All teams from The Venue Division 1 & 2 will compete in this tournament. Teams will be drawn into four groups of four at random (two from each Regional Group) and will play each other over one leg (three games). Winners and runners-up in each group will progress to the quarter-finals which will be drawn at random. Winners of each group will play a runner-up from a different group, Semi-finals will be drawn at random. The winners of this tournament will win a prize along with the runners-up.

Group Start Week 3 After Fixture 3

Cup Results Week 9 20.02.17

League Tables

The Venture Forestry and Landscapes Venue 6-Aside League Tables Season 20 Week 9

The Venue Premier League

1TOMMY TANKERS660039132618
4CROSS FOXES64022821712
5NOW GROUP62042428-46
8 LADS ON TOURE50051048-380
150 SHADES O’SHEA650125111415
2M’LEICESTER CITY632122111111
6IVORY TOAST6213171707
7WE’RE GOOD61141318 -54
8SUAREZ ATE MY NAN6114929-204

The Venue Division 1

12 GOALS 1 SCHLUPP65102571816
2DUBICKI FC63122013710
3PUYOL PANTS DOWN63121318-510
4ROVERS FC5302171079
7DON’T HAVE A KALOU6114821-134
8 KINGS OF LEON OSMAN6006725-180

Venue Group 2

2TOUCH YOUR TOES64112116513
4SIX OFFENDERS5212151327
5LOYAL FC51221018-85
7AICO MILAN6114721-144
8CAN’T RUN WON’T RUN4004423-190

The Venture Forestry & Landscapes Venue Monday Night League

M-O-M League Tables – Season 20 Week 9

The Venue Premier League

1Call GraybrookDeportivo Lack A Talent4
2Dave HartshornTommy Tankers3
3Jack HughesCross Foxes2
4Jordan GerrardNow Group2
5Shawn MelusiAlice In Hangeland2
6Tom FreemanAlice In Hangeland2
7Tom GaleTommy Tankers2
8Aaron CoulsonAlice In Hangeland1
9Adam West  (Goal Keeper)Now Group1
10Chris BishopAlice In Hangeland1
11Dan Whittle (Goal Keeper)Expected Toulouse1
12Ed RogersCross Foxes1
13George HughesCross Foxes1
14Harry KerrTommy Tankers1
15Jamie RobertsCross Foxes1
16Jason CowleySNC1
17Joe MereddethLads On Toure1
18Kurt BarberSNC1
19Matt HardyCross Foxes1
20Owain WilcockNow Group1
21Ross TylerTommy Tankers1
22Ryan MondiwaAlice In Hangeland1

The Venue Championship 

1George FrenchBorussia Teeth3
2James GregoryM’Leicester City3
3Ed Rogers50 Shades O’shea2
4Jay JamesEintracht Frankton2
5Matt Lewis (Goal Keeper)We’re Good2
6Rees JonesSheffield Mondays2
7Callum LainsburyEintracht Frankton1
8Harry Newman (Goal Keeper)Were Good (Guest)1
9Joe Burton (Goal Keeper)Borussia Teeth1
10Josh BiggsSheffield Mondays1
11Louis MorrisBorussia Teeth1
12Marly Edwards (Goal Keeper)Suarez Ate My Nan1
13Mathew LainsburyEintracht Frankton1
14Matty WarrenIvory Toast1

The Venue Division 1

1Sam Field (Goal Keeper)Puoyal Pants Down4
2Carl AustinSporting Jizzbon2
3Harley Dubicki Dubicki FC2
4Harry DunnRovers FC2
5Jack MorrisVenture Forestry2
6Adam WestVenture Forestry1
7Alex Hall2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
8Bradley DobsonSporting Jizzbon1
9Dale PearceRovers FC1
10Ewan James (Goal Keeper)Kings Of Leon Osman1
11Gus Harris2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
12Joe Roberts Puoyal Pants Down1
13Jordan DaviesSporting Jizzbon1
14Jordan EvansDubicki FC1
15Key MatthewsVenture Forestry1
16Lance JonesVenture Forestry1
17Luke ClewsPuoyal Pants Down1
18Natham BuckleyKings Of Leon Osman1
19Rob HaywardDubicki FC1
20Sam JonesRovers FC1
21Sam Sefton2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
22Tom CookeDubicki FC1

The Venue Division 2

1Cian CurleyBayern Neverlusen4
2Matt HodgettsAico Milan3
3Pat Kypiec (Goal Keeper)Let’s Get Messi3
4Jack Morgan (Goal Keeper)Touch Your Toes2
5Jamie Deplaico (Goal Keeper)Aico Milan2
6Jamie HallCan’t  Run Won’t Run2
7Rob CaruthersDebbie Does Gallas2
8Aaron MorrisDebbie Does Gallas1
9Adam SmethurstLoyal FC1
10Andrew TurnerDebbie Does Gallas1
11Cav StevensTouch Your Toes1
12Danny EvansBayern Neverlusen1
13Harry Newman (Goal Keeper)Loyal FC1
14Jack StringerSix Offenders1
15Joe MeredithTouch Your Toes1
16Michael HarperCan’t  Run Won’t Run1
 Top Goal Scorers League Tables – Season 20 Week 9
 The Venue Premier League
1Tom FreemanAlice In Hangeland25
2Matt KirkTommy Tankers23
3Call GraybrookDeportivo Lack A Talent20
4Shawn MelusiAlice In Hangeland18
5Dan CoxSuffork N Close13
6Jordan GerrardNow Group13
7Jack HughesCross Foxes11
8Matt HardyCross Foxes10
9Nick WilcockNow Group10
10Daniel WynnLads On Toure9
11Jamie RobertsCross Foxes9
12Joe RobertsExpected Toulouse8
13Ryan MondiwaAlice In Hangeland8
14George HughesCross Foxes7
15Kurt BarberSuffork N Close7
16Ben CarterLads On Toure6
17Rich ChamberlainAlice In Hangeland6
18Sam LitchfieldCross Foxes6
19Jake AddisDeportivo Lack A Talent5
20Owain WilcockNow Group5
21Jamie HandsExpected Toulouse4
22Key MathewsDeportivo Lack A Talent4
23Aaron CoulsonAlice In Hangeland3
24Callum RelfExpected Toulouse3
25Cam RelfExpected Toulouse3
26George FletcherSuffork N Close3
27Harry KerrTommy Tankers3
28Joe GraybrookDeportivo Lack A Talent3
29Lewee AldersonLads On Toure3
30Maccrea EvansExpected Toulouse3
31Matt BrownTommy Tankers3
32Toby ThomasTommy Tankers3
33Adam WestNow Group2
34Dave HartshornTommy Tankers2
35Ed RogersCross Foxes2
36Jason CawleySuffork N Close2
37Joe MeredithLads On Toure2
38Josh SumnerAlice In Hangeland2
39Adam JnoesTommy Tankers1
40Andrew JonesSuffork N Close1
41Ash StringerDeportivo Lack A Talent1
42Ben LawsonExpected Toulouse1
43Callum WewallSuffork N Close1
44Gareth jonesLads On Toure1
45Joe PierpointAlice In Hangeland1
46Jonny MitchellAlice In Hangeland1
47Rich HarrisNow Group1
48Rob ShoneDeportivo Lack A Talent1
49Rob WilliamsExpected Toulouse1
50Tom GaleTommy Tankers1
 The Venue Championship 
1Jack GoulbournSuarez Ate My Nan10
2Louis MorrisBorussia Teeth10
3Chris RedmoreIvory Toast8
4Harry Garthwaite50 Shades O’Shea8
5George FrenchBorussia Teeth7
6Jack RobertsBorussia Teeth7
7James GregoryM’Leicester City7
8Will BristowBorussia Teeth7
9Ryan RusselM’Leicester City6
10James GriffithsM’Leicester City5
11Jord Dean50 Shades O’Shea5
12Call PattersonIvory Toast4
13Ed Rogers50 Shades O’Shea4
14George PowellSheffield Mondays4
15Harry DaviesBorussia Teeth4
16Jack RobertsBorussia Teeth4
17Jay JamesEintracht Frankton4
18Liam DaviesWe’re Good4
19Mathew LainsburyEintracht Frankton4
20Owen Davies50 Shades O’Shea4
21Sam ChapmanSheffield Mondays4
22Steve VarleyWe’re Good4
23Daryl KendallEintracht Frankton3
24George PooleSuarez Ate My Nan3
25Jack JonesSuarez Ate My Nan3
26James BarlowEintracht Frankton3
27Josh BiggsSheffield Mondays3
28Paul VarleyWe’re Good3
29Rees JonesSheffield Mondays3
30Tim LeddenIvory Toast3
31Dean DaviesWe’re Good2
32Harry GregoryM’Leicester City2
33James ThrusselM’Leicester City2
34Matty WarrenIvory Toast2
35Tom JonesIvory Toast2
36Craig WildmanIvory Toast1
37Lewis Birch50 Shades O’Shea1
38Lewis StoreyM’Leicester City1
39Liam MitchEintracht Frankton1
40Martin StoreyM’Leicester City1
41Sam LawrenceSheffield Mondays1
42Shannon StevensBorussia Teeth 1

The Venue Division 1

1Mike CheesmanVenture Forestry11
2Key MatthewsVenture Forestry10
3Robert HaywardDubicki FC10
4Jack MorrisVenture Forestry9
5Josh NorwoodPuyol Pants Down8
6Bradley DobsonSporting Jizzbon7
7Gus Harris2 Goals 1 Schlupp7
8Jordan EvansDubicki FC7
9Sam JonesRovers FC7
10Adam SmithPuyol Pants Down6
11Cory JonesDon’t Have A Kalou6
12Cory StubbsDubicki FC6
13Harley DubickiDubicki FC6
14Liam Jones2 Girls 1 Schlupp6
15Adam WestVenture Forestry5
16Liam SmithKings Of Leon Osman5
17Adam WestVenture Forestry4
18Alex Hill2 Goals 1 Schlupp4
19Brooke HevinghamDubicki FC4
20Brooke HevinghamDubicki FC4
21Dave KendrickPuyol Pants Down4
22Jordan DaviesSporting Jizzbon4
23Luke ClewsPuyol Pants Down4
24Sam Jones-RobertsKings Of Leon Osman4
25Sam Sefton2 Goals 1 Schlupp4
26Dale PearceRovers FC3
27Ed DaviesVenture Forestry3
28Jamie JonesSporting Jizzbon3
29Joe CondeKings Of Leon Osman3
30Joe Makinson2 Goals 1 Schlupp3
31Liam GriffithsDon’t Have A Kalou3
32Nathan BuckleyKings Of Leon Osman3
33Neil RowlandsSporting Jizzbon3
34Owen RoscoeVenture Forestry3
35Andy WilkinsonSporting Jizzbon2
36Connor RogersSporting Jizzbon2
37Harry DunnRovers FC2
38Harvey DaviesPuyol Pants Down2
39Jack CockayneDon’t Have A Kalou2
40Josh RichardsRovers FC2
41Nathan BuckleyKings Of Leon Osman2
42Olly FieldPuyol Pants Down2
43Dave French2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
44Harri Matthews2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
45Jack Watkin2 Goals 1 Schlupp1
46Louis CaldecottKings Of Leon Osman1
47Ollie PierpointRovers FC1
48Phil BitchSporting Jizzbon1
49Ross BrodieRovers FC1
50Sam EvansDon’t Have A Kalou1
51Sam FieldPuyol Pants Down1
52Simon RoscoeVenture Forestry1

The Venue Division 2

1Aaron MorrisDebbie Does Gallas19
2Cian CurleyBayern Neverlusen19
3Andy GarmstonBayern Neverlusen15
4Jack StringerSix Offenders12
5Cav StevensTouch Your Toes11
6Ellis GriffithsUmbroes Before Hoes10
7Rob CarruthersDebbie Does Gallas9
8Danny EvansBayern Neverlusen7
9Stuart PopeDebbie Does Gallas7
10Ash StringerSix Offenders6
11Joe MeredithTouch Your Toes5
12Josh BarnfieldSix Offenders5
13Brad RichardsSix Offenders4
14Grant DruryTouch Your Toes4
15Lawrence GuielSix Offenders4
16Tom KilvertBayern Neverlusen4
17Alex HallCan’t Run Won’t Run3
18Andrew TurnerDebbie Does Gallas3
19Corey WilliamsAico Milan3
20Dan TurnerDebbie Does Gallas3
21Kev JanesLoyal FC3
22Lee HoltUmbroes Before Hoes3
23Adam SmethurstLoyal FC2
24Josh HodgettsAico Milan2
25Michael HarperCan’t Run Won’t Run2
26Philip RobertsCan’t Run Won’t Run2
27Tom LloydTouch Your Toes2
28Adam RichardsTouch Your Toes1
29Danny WilliamsTouch Your Toes1
30Jake EvansUmbroes Before Hoes1
31Jake WilliamsTouch Your Toes1
32Luke DwyerTouch Your Toes1
33Matthew HodgettsAico Milan1
34Reanna walkerCan’t Run Won’t Run1
36Rob CarruthersDebbie Does Gallas1
37Ryan BoydAico Milan1
38Steve HerdAico Milan1