About The Foundation

The New Saints FC Foundation was established in October 2013.  As a registered charity, we aim to use the positive influences and opportunities offered by the ethos, staff and resources of The New Saints Football Club, to promote participation in community based diversionary, fun, single or multi-sport activities.  Our aim is to make sporting/physical activity accessible for people of all ages within Oswestry and the local area, regardless of gender/ability/background, as a means of improving health, well-being and social inclusion.​

The New Saints FC Foundation is committed to raising the profile and awareness of The New Saints Football Club’s work in the local community with the participation of players and coaches to support a wide range of activities.  We support local projects and encourage greater support from stakeholders within Oswestry and the local community. 

Foundation Objectives:

  • Create activity programmes that meet the strategic principles of The New Saints Football Club and support local and national Government policies.
  • Increasing opportunities for young people to participate in football, sport and educational projects through effective partnerships with the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Deliver football and sports participation programmes as well as education, health, social inclusion and equality projects.
  • Provide diversionary activities ensuring that all in the community have the opportunity to participate, adding enrichment to their lives regardless of gender, disability, age or social-economic factors.
  • Provide comprehensive disability projects that increase the self-esteem, health, personal and social skills of all participants.
  • Providing an effective volunteer, training and development programme to increase the quality and quantity of coaches and volunteers.
  • Increasing access opportunities to quality facilities at The Venue at Park Hall.
  • Generating positive publicity for The New Saints Football Club and its associated partners.
  • Create a lifelong association with The New Saints Football Club to increase the next generation of fans and encourage all sections of the community to its fan base.
  • Supporting The New Saints Football Club’s Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.
  • Secure the necessary funding, delivery contracts and sponsorship to deliver effective and meaningful programmes.
  • Maintain high levels of management and administration of the Foundation through effective planning, communication, customer care and promotion of opportunities.


As a Charitable Foundation we are reliant on receiving external funding from partners to achieve our activities and objectives.  We are always looking for further funding and if you would like to assist in becoming involved in one of our programmes or a new project please contact Gill Jones, our Community Foundation Officer at Gill.Jones@tnsfc.co.uk

We do not give out grants however, we work with as many local organisations, charities, businesses and voluntary organisations as possible to maximise our ‘in-kind’ contribution to the community.