Carehome Delivery

TNS Foundation Care Home Delivery

TNS Foundation also provides physical activity sessions within the Care Home setting. Active and Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator Shelly McGlinchey regularly visits New Fairholme, Monkmoore and Gains Park to provide residents with sessions tailored around health needs.

Sessions Available:

  • EXTEND – Seated Aerobics

EXTEND is a gentle exercise plan aimed at the over 60′s or those with reduced mobility. The class concentrates on strength, toning and flexibility. The class is modified to suit the individual’s present state of fitness. We want to make exercise accessible to all ages and abilities.

It is good for reducing the risks of Cardio-Vascular illnesses including Strokes and Heart Disease. It can also reduce the risks of diabetes. It also helps individuals recover and regain mobility and strength after age-related illness, but anyone will benefit from this session.

  • Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold is a less strenuous version of the Zumba class which hit the fitness scene in 2012. This class offers a gentle version of the class with a slower pace.

  • OTAGO – Falls Prevention

These classes are part of a falls prevention program and are aimed at those over the age of 60 who wish to reduce the risk of falls which can result in reduced mobility in older age.

These sessions are available upon request, to arrange a taster session of any of the activities above, please email