Football Foundation Artificial Grass Pitch Survey

The Football Foundation has launched a brand new survey which aims to get feedback from people using Artificial Grass Pitches (AGPs).


This short survey enables users to provide their first-hand experience of playing and coaching on an Artificial Grass Pitch and will be used to help inform research that the Foundation is conducting into these types of playing surfaces.


Anyone who completes the survey also has the chance of winning one of five goodie bags, each containing football gifts worth £100, courtesy of The Football Association.


How you can help?


As the Football Foundation funded an AGP at The Venue, we would be grateful to get feedback from people playing and coaching at the site by completing the following survey:




This survey can also be accessed at by clicking on the ‘Rate this Venue’ button. Pitchfinder is the largest database of football facilities in Britain; created and managed by the Football Foundation


Thanks in advance for your help, as feedback we get via the AGP survey will help us improve grassroots facilities in this country.


Please note, to be eligible to win one of the five £100 FA goodie bags, you must be aged 14 or over and complete the survey before 31 May 2013.