Welsh Premier League Team of the Season

The Welsh Premier League Team of the Season has been announced and players from The New Saints have made up more than half of the side.

There are six different players from the 2012/13 Corbett Sports Championship winning side that have made it in to the annual team of the year.

The players are Paul Harrison, Kai Edwards, Chris Marriott, Ryan Fraughan, Alex Darlington and Mike Wilde.

Marriott, who played in every single league game last term, is one of only two players to be picked in the Team of the Year for a second successive season. The other player was Mark Jones of Bala Town.

The team selection is made by polling the twelve club managers for their best players in each position and a list of substitutes. The selections are totalled up to select the overall best player in each position.


The Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League Team of the Year

Paul Harrison

Lee Owens      Kai Edwards      Ian Kearney      Chris Marriot

     Wayne Riley       Mark Jones      Ryan Fraughan      Alex Darlington

Mike Wilde      Andy Parkinson

Among the substitutes was Aeron Edwards. The energetic midfielder was unlucky to miss out after being chosen by no fewer than five Welsh Premier League managers. The other players that made up the bench were Lee Idzi, Michael Johnson, Lee Surman, David Brooks, Les Davies and Chris Budrys.