Latest 'Kidz League' Results

The second week of the ‘Kidz League’ started yesterday and there where a number of teams at Under 10’s, 11’s and 12’s competing in 15 minute small sided games.


All of the players participating in the ‘Summer Soccer Special’ were more than happy to turn up and play the beautiful game, with no pressure from outside influences and despite the friendly atmosphere, the boys seemed to be playing for the bragging rights.


Craig Edwards runs the ‘Kidz League’ and was quick to highlight the incredible sportsmanship that all of the boys had displayed, ‘The games were played with great sportsmanship. We hoped for players both new and old to take part in the League and have an experience of playing. All of the children played with a smile on their face which was great to see.’


The Community Football Foundation Officer was also eager to point out that the League is all about fun, ‘The boys had fun in a a stress free environment. We are also happy that we can show that the club can cater for players of different ability and that The New saints can provide everyone with an opportunity to both express as well as showcase their talents.’



During the first day of the second week, eight matches were played and below are both the results and goal scorers:


Game 1 Score 4 -1


Home: Mackenzie Wadeson, Matt Tunnadine & Liam Rawlings 2

Away: Rhys Stanhope


Game 2 Score 1 – 3


Home: Luke Wicks

Away: Ryan McVeagh, Callum Evans & Louie Millington


Game 3 Score 2 – 5


Home: Rhys Stanhope & Archie Adams

Away: Owain Brand, Lewis Filmer, James Burrows & Robert Johnson 2


Game 4 Score 1 – 8


Home: Liam Rawlings

Away: Callum Evans 3, Louie Millington 3, Ryan McVeagh 2


Game 5 Score 4 – 3


Home: Robert Johnson, Owain Brand & James Burrows 2

Away: Ben Darlington 2 & Matt Tunnadine


Game 6 Score 0 – 3


Away: Ryan McVeagh 2 & Louie Millington


Game 7 Score 2 – 1


Home: Lewis Filmer & Ben darlington

Away: James Burrows


Game 8 Score 0 – 2


Away: Ryan McVeagh 2


On Thursday the 8th of August the players will return to compete for the final standings.  Please remember to bring plenty of water with you.