DNS enter Ability Counts league

The Derwen New Saints has entered the Ability Counts, Three Counties Adult  Male football league.dns


The first fixture will be played on the 29th of September at AFC Telford.


DNS will play in their now infamous Green and White hoop tops with white shorts and white socks.


The squad for DNS is listed below.


1. Chris Leaver.

2. David Skinner.

3. Jeremy Stafford.

4. Reedh Bautista.

5. Joe Baxter.

6. Daniel Joyce.

7. Tom Maxfield.

8. James Stanworth.

9. Aled Jenkins.

10. Huw O’Reilly.

11. Semilore Olatunji.

12. Ryan Smith.

13. Tommy Price.

14. Danny Percy (C).


The team will be managed by Steve Evans and he will be assisted by Steve Davies.