Picture of Dave (The Physio)

Physio room!   

David Spendiff is the chartered physiotherapist at

The New Saints Football Club and he gave us an insight

Into what it is like behind the scenes on a daily basis!

The main focus of the past couple of weeks has been to improve the lads overall. My contribution to this is looking heavily at prehab which is basically, preventing injuries. What we look at is our testing results and highlighting any individual areas of improvement.

We carry out prehab before every training session and this lasts for around 30 minutes. It is essential that the players partake in prehab as it keeps the players on pitch. However, prior to matches, we tailor the injury prevention programme and it becomes activation. This in in-keeping with the clubs ethos, which is in regards to a low injury rate. These programmes allow players to achieve their optimum level of fitness and performance.

Matt Jones is a highly regarded sports nutritionist and has bolstered the back room staff. Matt has been working with the players this week regarding performance nutrition and player education. From my perspective I think Matt’s appointment is a wonderful addition as not only does it improve on field performance but his input is valued regarding injury preventment and treatment. He also helps from a nutritional point of view, by advising players on foods with anti-inflammatory property.  He also discussed interventions about ensuring that the players tick all the boxes during recovery and repair treatment.

The Strength and conditioning coach, the doctor, the masseuse, the player liaison officer (Gordo)the nutritionist who we have already mentioned, are all major contributors to the low injury rate and are essential to lowering the percentage for the forthcoming season.

In my opinion having two forward thinking managers as well as committed players who are all big advocates of Sports science and medicine, is truly fantastic. All of our jobs at the club overlap with the same approach in mind, which ultimately results in winning the league by a record margin of points. There is no coincidence in the positive correlation of low injury percentages and overall performances in the league. Last season the percentage of injuries (for players who missed more than two weeks of football) was lower than 4%.

This season we are looking to continue to improve as a department by lowering injury rates even more and improving performance on the pitch. I feel it is incredibly important to give the managers a full compliment to select from each day.





                                                                                                                       Dave doing prehab with the first team