'It's certainly not a two horse race' claims Harrison

The New Saints face Airbus UK this weekend and with seven games gone, Craig Harrison is eager to rule out that the Corbett Sports Welsh Premier League is already turning into a two horse race, ‘It’s certainly not a two horse race yet as we are only a few games into the new season. We are historically slow starters but we are sitting here now with sixteen points and we are better off than we were at this same stage last season.’

The Director of Football at TNS however, also pointed out that his former team are going to be a force to be a reckoned with this season, ‘They are going to be right up there this season without a shadow of a doubt and they have got some really good players. They invested heavily but they have invested well too. They are physically strong, competitive and without wanting to upset anybody, they very much remind me of the Bangor City team that won the league but with a little bit more quality. They will be a big threat to us this season and to be fair to them we knew that last year. The important matches will be against them and because I imagine both teams will finish in the top six, which will equate to four games against them during this campaign. For me, whoever comes out of those games on top, will win the league.’

The former Middlesbrough defender also confessed that he was proud to see both his former club and his current club at the top of the league, ‘I am really happy to see both us and them at the top and I enjoyed every minute I spent at Airbus. I still have my closest friend Andy Thomas who is still there and we spend time together with our families. We spend time together every week and his daughter is doing fantastically well playing for the Liverpool ladies team. I am also still very close with the Chairman, Paul McKinlay, who was fantastic for me and I learnt a lot from him.’

The Saints will take on Airbus UK in front of the S4C cameras on Saturday, with the match scheduled to kick off at 15:45pm.