Teammates with Paul Harrison

Each week a member of the team will answer the following questions, regarding their teammates.


This week PAUL HARRISON will be answering. paul harrison 3


Who is the worst dressed at the club – Steve Evans.


Who is the biggest joker at the club – Chris Marriott.


Who is the most skilful at the club – Matty Williams / Chris Seargeant / Alex Darlington.


Who is the quickest at the club – Connell Rawlinson.


Who is the best trainer at the club – Aeron Edwards / Simon Spender.


Who is the worst trainer at the club – Mike Wilde.Paul Harrison Player Pen Pic


Who is the most intelligent at the club – Scott Ruscoe.


Who is the least intelligent at the club – Scott Quigley.


Who has the worst taste in music at the club – Mike Wilde.