The New Saints FC Community Foundation team is on the look out for volunteers to expand their reach within the local community.
The charitable foundation’s aim is to provide positive, sustainable football, sports and educational activities for young people.
The aim is also to support a number of Community projects and encourage more people to adapt their philosophy towards corporate social responsibility.
The Foundation will see volunteers and coaches as a pivotal role in community sport all across the country and without the time, energy and commitment of these people many clubs, team sport sessions and educational sessions would not be able to run.
‘Put quite simply, without volunteers, community sport wouldn’t happen’
If the following points are important to you, please contact The Community Foundation Officer, Craig Edwards on 01691 684840 or email:
  • give back to the sport/physical activity or the club
  • use their existing skills and learn new skills
  • social and family involvement
  • develop new interests
  • take on new responsibilities
  • enable other people to participate
  • know that they’re making a difference – have a sense of personal  achievement
  • be part of a team
  • build self confidence/self esteem
  • doing something worthwhile
  • gain relevant experience
  • to have fun!
In return you will recieve a clear role brief, mentoring and a training package that suits your role.  You will also receive the appropriate acknowledgment of your time and rewards in various ways.