We have been on a great run recently and there is no secret behind the success because we all work really hard each day in training. Each and every training session is precious to us because everyone at the club is always striving to improve and as a team, we collectively work hard. We defend together, attack together, make mistakes together but more importantly, we win football matches together.

It is very dangerous to think that you have games in hand because you would prefer to have the points in the bag. We are in a better position than we were around four weeks ago but that means nothing because the league table will start to take real shape once we can get into the split. If we are in the same position and can capitalise, on the games in hand then obviously we will be looking very good. However, that is if we capitalise so it is important that we stay focused and carry on trying to win every single game. Nothing will change between now and the end of the season and we will certainly not take our foot off the pedal. Complacency is something that I can not stand.

We have an incredible home record and we are also yet to concede a goal this season at Park Hall. The longer we keep that going the better and I have always said that the majority of time, the team with the best defence will be crowned the champions. We have got a lot of good players going forward and the defence has been a real platform for us to go and win games.

We are approaching January soon and we will certainly be looking to strengthen. I feel that during every transfer window it is a good to freshen things up and although we have a really strong squad, I am always looking at bringing in more players. We are definitely looking at bringing in at least one player but that has to be the right player. The player has to have the right quality and has to be able to fit in with the excellent squad that we already have here.