Firstly, you signed Ryan Edwards yesterday. Why and what will he bring to the club? “First and foremost he is a young and talented player; he fits in with what we want to do, the way we are as a footballing team. He can play several positions, centre midfield, out wide, centre forward, just behind the front man and he mainly fits in with the way we want to play and he is a very good technical footballer and having spoken to him he is very hungry. He was at Morecambe as a young player; he got released from there and has been at Connah’s Quay for the last two seasons. He worked really hard to get in the team and has done really well when he got there. He’s got good pedigree and knows what it’s about at a professional club and he’s got the hungry and desire to do well here. Especially since the time I’ve been here we have made big signing like Chris Jones, Michael Wilde and some other senior players. I have also been very thoughtful about the age, about the enthusiasm, about the attitude and the know-how of being a professional footballer and look at the younger players we have signed. Chris Jones was only 22 when we signed him, Kai Edwards was only 21, Ryan Fraughan was only 21 when he signed, Sam Finley was only 19 when he signed and obviously Ryan Edwards is only 19 and so on. Jamie Mulluns was 22/23 when he signed so as much as we do you look at the Michael wide’s who’s 28 and proving himself and I’m very conscious about and I want to work with young and enthusiastic players but on the other hand I also know the value of the senior player like Scott Ruscoe, Steve Evans, Phil Baker, Matty Williams, Michael Wilde and then you have a big range of players inbetween. Paul Harrison is an experience player that’s been there and done it, knows what the clubs about, knows what is expected of everybody, knows the pressures of the club, your expected to win every game and win everything and he has European experience so it’s very a conscious effect to bring in talented young players aswell and mix them with the middle of the road age wide player like Alex Darlington, Aeron Edwards, Chris Seargeant, Simon Spender, Chris Marriott and then with the senior players aswell as I think the balance is the most important thing as you’re never going to win anything with all senior players, you’re never going to win anything with all younger players. You need a balance, you need some games, you need some knowhow, you need some experience but you also need legs, physicality, enthusiasm and points to prove so that’s the main reason” So how would you answer the signing of a 19 year old from another club, that doesn’t mean the lads from the academy don’t have a chance “No without a shadow of a doubt weve got Scott Ruscoe and Steve Evans who have done a fantastic job over the last 18 months and you look at the player who have come through like Alex Ramsey who has moved on and you look at Aeron Edwards and you look at Scott Quiggly, Ryan Jones, Luke Douglas and this year Ryan Kershaw. Ryan Kershaw is the same age as Ryan Edwards and I want Ryan Kershaw and it’s been spoke about, I want Ryan Kershaw as a full time professional next year and he will be offered a professional contract and we want that. It’s a question of balance again, you’ve got Ryan Kershaw, Ryan Edwards, Sam Finley, Aeron Edwards, Chris Seargeant and then at the top of the age ladder you have got Scott Ruscoe. We have got a great variety there. Ryan Kershaw and Ryan Edwards are a big part of the squad moving forward in the future and have huge potential. It just that Ryan Edwards, for different circumstances has broken into the team at Connah’s Quay and Ryan Kershaw has been and played a few games here and there, been involved in the first team training and has been involved on a regular basis. It a tougher ask, with no disrespect to Ryan Edwards, for Ryan Kershaw to break though at TNS than what it was for Ryan Edwards at Connah’s Quay. On the other hand, you talk about what Ryan Edward brings to TNS and he brings two years of Welsh Premier league football experience so he has tried at tested at the men’s physical level and he brings a bit of everything to the table but certainly as for the young players we have got player who have been given a squad number for this season. Taylor James, Jordan Wells, Ryan Price, Ben Richards and Ollie Beaman have been given squad numbers and they have been involved on the bench and in the Word Cup and have sometimes been on the bench for Welsh Premier League games and all of them at some point have trained with the first team in and out. The future of the young players coming through has never been brighter”.