TNS Teammates with Sam Finley

Sam Finley has been talking about his teammates this week. The former Southport midfielder has revealed who the biggest joker is, who is the worst dressed and who has the worst taste is music.

Sam’s answers are listed below.

Who is the worst dressed at the club? 

Simon Spender

Who is the biggest joker at the club?

Ryan Fraughan and ME!

Who is the most skilful at the club?

Aeron Edwards

Who is the quickest at the club?

Jamie Mullan

Who is the best trainer at the club?

Aeron Edwards

Who is the worst trainer at the club?

Mike Wilde

Who is the most intelligent at the club?

Matty Williams

Who is the least intelligent at the club?

Scott Quigley

Who has the worst taste in music at the club?

Greg Draper