Senior Saints

Look after your health by getting involved with Senior Saints!

There are various classes that you can get involved in with Extend classes and Zumba Gold being just two of them.

Check out all of the clubs below!


Bowling Club: £3.00. Meet new people and make new friends. Enjoy the social benefits that our new bowling club brings. The price includes one hour of bowling activity and tea of coffee.


Walking Club: £2.50. Increase your physical activity levels and join us on our new walking club. With our friendly guide, enjoy the great health benefits that walking brings, in the great outdoors. Starting and finishing at The Venue Park Hall, tea and coffee are also included

Seniors Zumba Gold:  £3.00. Zumba Gold is a class designed for older adults while effectively addressing their unique anatomical, physiological and psychological needs. A much tamer version of the Zumba class we all know, improving activity levels of the senior generation and creating the scene for social integration.


EXTEND-Seated aerobics: £3.00. EXTEND is a gentle exercise plan aimed at the over 60′s or those with reduced mobility. The class concentrates on strength, toning and flexibility. The class is modified to suit the individuals present state of fitness. We want to make exercise accessible to all ages and abilities.

It is good for reducing the risks of Cardio-Vascular illnesses including Strokes and Heart Disease. It can also reduce the risks of diabetes. It also helps individuals recover and regain mobility and strength after age-related illness, but anyone will benefit from this session.

 Zumba Gold: £4.00. If you’re looking for a class to gently ease back into your fitness routine, then this class is for you. This class is open to all age groups, a tamer version of the Zumba class we currently know.


OTAGO – £4.00. These classes are designed for people who are at risk of falling and those who are recovering from a fall and/or have been referred from the doctor or hospital. Classes are designed around the proven, highly successful OTAGO delivery system. The classes focus on improving muscular strength, flexibility and stability aiming to reduce the risk of falling.


Senior Circuit Training: £3.00. A resistance and cardio based class with concepts taken from extend, with ability in Mind. This one hour session improves strength and resistance and is carried out at a level to suit the target group. Bodyweight and exercise equipment are used as part of this session.

Take part in physical activity within a safe and controlled environment to which intensity is centred towards ability within this age group

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