Club 1

The New Saints Community Foundation recently set up a new initiative that will be for girls older than 12 years of age.


The project is called Street Games Club 1 and is funded by Street Games, who are a charity organisation aiming to help the United Kingdom’s young people to get into sport.


The Community Foundation will be providing two hours of activity every Friday afternoon covering a whole range of topics such as:


•             Gym fitness.

•             Zumba  / Dance.

•             Self defence.

•             Beauty Therapy Treatments.


Ten girls were invited to the first four weeks with the attendance growing to 20 girls after the February half term.


Street Games offer incentive cards to reward participants and so far the participants have received free Street Games Club 1 t shirt, hoodies with hats, ear phones and scarves .


Community Foundation Officer, Niall Broe is excited about the latest project and said, ‘We hope to see the project be sustainable after the funding period by offering discounted gym memberships for the attendees.’


Young leader, Amy Lake Tweeted @TNSFoundation – Just got back from TNS gym session great time had and a good work out.



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