Community Foundation Visit Marches

The New Saints FC Community Foundation visited the Marches School Fun Fair.

The Foundation team were invited to attend the Fun Fair by the School and were able to provide activities to the children as well as promote the latest projects that they are currently involved in.

The TNS Foundation have recently set up more links with the Marches School and are looking at building on the intervention projects as well as expanding the range of activities that they both can offer children.

Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils all got involved in the fun fair which was full of games and demonstrations of various sports including Table Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball and Golf.

Shelly McGlinchey also put on a fitness class which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

Community Foundation Officer, Niall Broe, was delighted with the response from the children who all enjoyed taking part in the sessions that he had put on, ‘It was a great day at the Marches School and it is very exciting to continue working closely with them. We have built up a great relationship and that is very important to me as I am sure we can both grow further from it. The children really enjoyed the day and overall it went very well.’


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