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It was inevitable, but finally Saturday was the day as the Saints wrapped up there 9th Welsh Premier League title.
It was a superb achievement and one that boss Craig Harrison described to me after the game as ‘his best moment in football.’
And that is from a guy who has played alongside the likes of Paul Gascoigne.
It was a top top display and one that the Saints should be very proud of, because to win a league, and still be unbeaten is no mean feat, despite their advantage over other teams.One thing that was disappointing was the press coverage from the top shelf press if you like.Attending the FAW Media Workshop this week, I heard the fact that BBC didn’t cover hardly any of the final was a major talking point.

I myself work in local press and with myself at the game, we had decent coverage because I passed it on from my work at TNS.

But the lack of coverage that was given by BBC was disappointing.

I will admit the WPL doesn’t get great attendances, people from the outside aren’t educated enough on how good the standard is.

However you would think a national broadcaster would give more than three paragraphs to a national title win.

Enough of my ranting anyway and back to this weekend!
Port Talbot should be a tough trip due to the fact the players will be in good spirits after a 2-2 draw at Aber under new boss Andy Dyer last week.

And a plus for me is I have never been to the Genquip Stadium, so should be a good trip.

Tune in to TNS Radio for uninterrupted commentary in South Wales with me and The Angling Rev, Stewart Bloor from 2.20!