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The well-worn football cliche, ‘A game of two halves’, was tailor-made for Friday’s encounter with Aberystwyth. Three-nil up at the break, if you were a gambling man you’d have staked all your worldly possessions on TNS notching up another victory.

However, we must give full credit to our friends from beyond Plynlimon. Folklore has it that the mountain range is home to a sleeping giant, well they certainly arose from their first-half slumbers to snatch a late equaliser and a share of the spoils.

In the week or so leading up to the game I’d been engaged in light-hearted Twitter banter with some of the Aberystwyth folks, resulting in my wife baking them a cake for post-match consumption!

We even tweeted a photo with goalkeeper Mike Lewis, media man Mart Smith and yours truly posing with Debby’s culinary contribution. It’s all good fun, but on a serious note it is great to make and develop friendships. We may be rivals on the pitch for ninety-odd minutes but there’s a bigger picture that all of us in Welsh football need to see.

And talking of Mart Smith, we invited him to set up his laptop alongside us at TNS Radio, on the Park Hall balcony. In between his tweeting and website work it was great to have him on air during the game. The eternal optimist, I think the only surprise as far as Mart was concerned was that Aber didn’t win 4-3!

We had almost thirty predictions for our popular just-for-fun competition that we call #BeatTheBelle. However, there were no winners this week although the aforementioned Mart, and first-timer Cath Hunter, came very close with 3-2 shout-outs. Cortez himself went for 3-1.

We gave a debut, on TNS Radio, to ‘the phone-in’. Our first caller, from all the way in the stand behind the goal, was Chairman Mike Harris. He was quickly followed by our Chief Operating Officer, Ian Williams, from the balcony itself! Now we know that the system is working, we look forward to maximising its use in the future.

We had a number of ‘studio’ guests for the game, including Aberystwyth’s vice-chairman and director of football, Donald Kane. We operate an ‘open mic’ policy on TNS Radio, so whether home or away, feel free to pay us a visit and say a few words live on air. Don’t be shy!

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The Rev.