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There might be little to play for as far as league points are concerned for TNS, but no one can say that last few games that the Saints have been involved in have been boring to watch.

And last Friday just showed that, despite the result looking like a foregone conclusion at half time.
The Saints raced into a 3-0 half time lead as Aber looked rocky at the back, and possibly could have been further ahead.
However the Saints looked like they slackened off in the second period, and Aber came back, and showed why they are still pushing for that second spot.
With a little fortune and some poor marking they came within a goal, and in injury time, Mark Jones’ finish would have left Craig Harrison tearing his hair out.
Despite obviously not being happy about throwing away a 3-0 lead, Craig was calm following the game, and knows that the result still puts them a step closer to go unbeaten all season in both the league and cup.
And speaking of the cup, there have been people criticising the choice of venue for the Welsh Cup Final between the Saints and Newtown.
But come on, it is a logical choice. Mike Harris approached Newtown officials and a conclusion was met.
It will help get more people through the gate, create a better atmosphere and look a better spectical for the league as a whole.
And anywhere the game was held it would have been a tight affair, because they have been this season.
I think the final is finely balanced, and it will make for a fantastic occasion for both sides.
Join Stewart Bloor and I live on TNS Radio this weekend as The Saints travel to Airbus in their penultimate league game of the League campaign.