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I’ve been to three cup finals this season with TNS and all of them have been successful. The latest was this last week, as I made my way to Shrewsbury Town’s stadium on a very pleasant evening to see the Ladies in action.

Adding to the impressive silverware already on display this season, the girls brought The Shropshire Cup back home to Park Hall. Wrockwardine Wood were up for the contest, and after going down to an early goal, they hit back to equalise.

However, some impressive football from our Ladies team eventually gave them a clear-cut 5-1 victory. I did go to the game with the intention of just being a fan, but I ended up tweeting updates via the TNS account. Not that I’m complaining – far from it. In fact, and it’s an approximate but accurate guess, I did the equivalent of John O’Groats to Land’s End six times last season on the TNS-related road.

My final game of the 2014/2015 campaign didn’t feature the Saints though. The only green and white on the pitch was for the home side, as Aberystwyth Town took on Newtown in the Europa play-off final.

Following some Twitter exchanges prior to the game, the last time the Seasiders visited Park Hall my wife Debby made the visitors a cake! This time round, Aber’s Marketing Officer, Mart Smith, returned the compliment! You may have seen the photo on my social media.

I must confess I’m not much of a kitchen-man myself, but Debby said it was very nice. Even our very own answer to Jamie Oliver, Jon Morgan, gave it the thumbs up after seeing the picture on my Facebook timeline.

Well, light-hearted comments aside, one of the things that I have enjoyed very much over the last season are the friendships that have been forged with people from across the Principality. Although we all have specific clubs that we represent, ultimately there’s the bigger picture of Welsh football as a whole.

To coin a well-used phrase from the political world, ‘We’re all in this together’.


The Rev