Rev's Ramblings

I’ve had four this-is-my-last-game-of-the-season experiences in the last few weeks. Having thought the Welsh Cup final was the culmination to my match-attending, I then found myself at Shrewsbury Town for the Shropshire Cup final, watching TNS Ladies.


This was followed by the Europa winner-takes-all affair at Aberystwyth and then yesterday afternoon, I was back in the stands, watching our girls in yet another cup final, this time near Stafford.


However, I can confidently say that this really has been my last game. Sadly, for TNS, it wasn’t the result we wanted. However, when you look at what the girls have achieved this season – League and League Cup runners-up and Shropshire Cup winners – it’s actually been a decent season.


I’ve certainly enjoyed the few Ladies’ games that I’ve been to in 2014/2015 and I’ll definitely be back for more next season. There’s some good football on view, but most importantly, it’s TNS and that’s the main thing.


Thinking specifically of the senior men, we all know the talent that is on the pitch, but what also impresses me is the quality off it as well. I’ve been to a couple of brainstorming sessions recently at The Venue and they’ve been very productive.


The depth of experience, vision and enthusiasm is clearly evident and from a personal point of view it’s a real privilege and honour to be involved. In one of the meetings we we were discussing a social media ‘tagline’ for the coming season.


It was Ian Williams who came up with #SupportYourLocalChampions. It’s already in use, from the website header right through to Twitter. With a desire to draw in more local people to games, it’s catchy and very much to the point.


We can all play our part as well. Why not set out to invite someone to a TNS game in 2015/2016? I know it sounds simplistic, but if we all bring one person to a match then the attendance doubles. Will they come? Well, I don’t know, but if we don’t invite them then there’s a 100% certainty that they won’t.


Last, but certainly not least, it’s farewell to my partner-in-crime on TNS Radio. Yes, as announced this week on social media, Jonny Drury is leaving the club to return to Newtown. All the very best, Jonny. See you soon.