Rev's Ramblings

The highlight of last week, without doubt, was the Champions League victory on Tuesday evening. With a slender lead from the first leg, I’m sure we were all quietly confident, but to triumph in the way that we did was beyond our wildest dreams. See what I did there.

It was great to see a capacity four-figure crowd witness the historic win as well. I do think the word ‘historic’ is appropriate, after all back-to-back wins in the world’s premier club competition is an achievement regardless of who you are or the opposition that you face.

Plus the icing on the cake was Mike Wilde’s hat-trick, the current top scorer in this season’s Champions League! I’m already looking forward to the ties with Videoton and developing the same kind of friendships that we fostered with B36 Torshavn.

TNS Radio is going very well so far this season. Obviously the stage of top European football is helping, nevertheless it’s good to see not only a good number of people listening, but also to get such quality feedback.

Sam Thomas certainly has been pretty excited about the figures. What we want to do though is retain listeners once we start on the domestic games. Hopefully as we engage with people we will develop a ‘fan base’, for want of a better expression.

If you’re a TNS fan then you can help by listening in on match days. All you need to do is visit the club’s website then one click on the ‘TNS Radio’ link and you’re away. In addition, you can tweet us during games for a shout-out and also, of course, spread the word.

If you’re not at the game tomorrow v Videoton then that’s a perfect way to kick off your support. This season we’re also looking for people to come on the show and sit in for the whole game. Last week we had Albert Gardner and Steven Matthews with us.

They both did really well and I know that they enjoyed their time in our alfresco studio. If you fancy being my partner-in-crime then get in touch. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, you’ll fit in very well!

Finally, check out my TNS blog. I initially intended to do it around games, but encouraged by Ian Williams, it’s now updated daily! It is based on my own personal adventures with The New Saints for the 2015/2016 season. To check it out click here: DANCING IN THE STREETS OF TNS