Rev's Ramblings

All good things come to an end, so they say. Well, as far as TNS’ European adventures are concerned that is definitely the case, for this season at least anyway. We bow out with an impressive record though after ninety minutes per game, with three wins out of four.


The performances have been good as well, especially on Wednesday evening out there in Hungary. Having had the privilege of being at all four Champions League games, I felt an incredible pride in defeat for the way that the lads on the pitch conducted themselves.


That emotion wasn’t confined to what happened on the turf though, the scenes off it were truly amazing. I was at the stadium really early, along with Sam Thomas, getting everything ready for TNS Radio. As the ground began to fill up, a footballing memory that will live with me forever began to unfold.


To the left of where I was I saw the green and white hooped shirts starting to appear. Then, as they began to occupy the terracing, the chanting started. For those of us who know him ‘There’s only Mike Harris’ must be a contender for the best football song ever!


If you’ve seen the photos you will know that in typical Mike fashion, not only did he appreciate the vocals from the fans, but he actually made his way out of the VIP area and joined them.


Who else has a shirt-off and drum-banging Chairman? This prompted yet another amazing chant from our fans, directed at their Videoton counterparts, ‘Does your Chairman bang the drum?’.


Brilliant! Although I thoroughly enjoyed doing the radio show of course, a massive part of me wanted to be in there with the fans. The ideal solution would have been to have done a mobile version with them. Now that would have been the mother of all TNS Radio shows!


Talking of the radio show, our #BeatTheBelle benchmark was a 2-0 win for Videoton. However, a number of predictors went for 1-0 to the Saints after ninety minutes, with Debby Bloor, Graeme Kirkham, Gilbert Woolley, David Cleaton, Naomi Stocker, Chris Griff and yours truly getting it right.


Although it was after extra time, Andy Thompson and TNS Mike (no, not THE Mike!) went for 1-1 so they get a mention as well. Well done everyone! Before the system failed us, we also had a numbers of callers. It was great to speak to Lyle (Port Talbot fan), Mrs Rev (her words not mine) and Ste Lewis (The Beast) all on air.


Watch this space as we want to develop that side of TNS Radio. Finally, Sam Thomas related the figures for Rev’s Ramblings to me while we were in Hungary. I was amazed really.


Regardless of how many people read the column every week, I’ll still do it to the best of my ability, but to know it’s so well received is certainly very encouraging. Thanks for your support, it really is appreciated.


The Rev