Rev's Ramblings

It’s great to be back. Not just me, but I’m sure all Dafabet Welsh Premier League football fans can echo that statement. Even though I’d already racked up twelve games prior to the big kick-off, including four Champions League fixtures, I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come along.


It was another of those really long days as far as I’m concerned, although as I always stress, certainly not a tedious one. Up at 5.00 am and back home more than seventeen hours later, only the travelling football fan will appreciate that it’s not a burden but a joy.


And especially so when you win on the road, as TNS did in Pembrokeshire. Although not my first time in the town of Haverfordwest, it was my debut at Conygar Bridge Meadow, the home of Haverfordwest County. Back in the WPL, along with Llandudno, I will be adding two new top-flight grounds to my list this season.


Prior to the match, I had plenty of social media interaction with people from The Bluebirds, ranging from players to officials. My perception of the club as a friendly one wasn’t changed when we visited in person. Certainly as far as TNS Radio is concerned, we were certainly looked after well from start to finish.


We were driven by our chauffeur for the day, Ian Williams, and in with Sam Thomas and me were Keith Weaver, Gilbert Woolley and Jacob Williams. We were joined on the way back by the dancing chairman, none other than Mike Harris himself. In spite of drifting in and out of signal in the Plynlimons, Mike even ended up live on BBC Radio Wales.


The game itself, as no doubt you know by now, ended up as a 4-0 victory for The New Saints. Which brings me nicely to our just-for-fun competition on TNS Radio that we hashtag as #BeatTheBelle. Well, the man himself, Cortez, went for a 6-0 to the away team.


We actually had five people who predicted the correct score though, so well done to Glyn Berrington, Sean Evans, Albert Gardner, Steven Matthews and me! Don’t forget to get your guesses in for the MBi Llandudno game this coming Friday (August 28). Mr Belle has gone for a 3-1 victory to TNS. Can you #BeatTheBelle? Tweet us on the TNS account using the hashtag.


Have you seen Alex ‘Maradona’ Darlington’s first goal yet? Weaving in an out of a mass of blue shirts, slipping past defenders and tackles, he finally slotted the ball home in the bottom corner of the net. Not only was it a fantastic goal but it also broke the deadlock which the resilient home team had maintained for 27 minutes.


If you’re not at the game this Friday then make sure you listen to commentary and chat on TNS Radio. All you need is an internet connection and away you go. Click the link on the TNS home page and even if you’re doing something else why not put it on in the background. We look forward to your company.