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Saturday just gone was my first anniversary at The New Saints – twelve months to the day that I first picked up a microphone on the newly-formed TNS Radio show. I had actually seen the club tweeting that they were looking for someone to come on and say a few words.

However, I never went beyond the ‘that will be nice for someone’ thought. In fact I didn’t know anyone in person at TNS and the only one I was connected with was Sarah-Jane Roberts, via Twitter.

It was Sez, in fact, who suggested I should go on and so cutting a long story short, that’s what happened. At the end of the game, Gilbert Woolley asked if I would come back and I guess I’ve been doing that ever since!

It’s certainly been an amazing journey and if you’d have told me twelve months ago where it would have taken me, I wouldn’t have believed you.

If you’re a follower of the various TNS social media platforms then you’ll be aware that TNS TV has now re-launched.

From post-match managerial interviews to informal chats with players at Park Hall during the week, there’s lots of variety in there.

In recent days we’ve chatted to Jamie Reed about changing nappies, Greg Draper on his full international cap, Jordan Wells on his only Premier League goal to date and we’ve had Alex Darlington talk us through his wonder solo-goal that he scored at Haverfordwest.

Although it was nice to visit Pembrokeshire, it was great to be back at Park Hall for our first Dafabet Welsh Premier League game of the season.

It didn’t quite go how we planned though as we were held to a draw by Llandudno. However, full credit to not only the team on the pitch but also the fans off it.

It’s great to have such enthusiastic supporters in the league and we were blessed on TNS Radio with Iain Dyer and Craig Thomas, who came on before the game, at half-time and after the final whistle.

Finally, if you’re not at the Rhyl game on Saturday, don’t forget to listen to TNS Radio. We’ll be on air from 2.15 pm and the link is on the TNS website.

You can listen to the match on your device while you’re doing other stuff. We look forward to your company! See you next Monday.

The Rev