Rev's Ramblings

If you’re a regular visitor to the TNS’ social media platforms then no doubt you will be aware that this week a new project had been launched. The TNS Radio Football Show is the latest addition to the stable of output from the team behind the scenes at The New Saints.

The debut show featured special guest, Ian Williams, and as it was a nice day and the conditions were perfect, we recorded it in the dugouts at Park Hall. It is a great honour to be asked to present the programme, and even if I say so myself, the first one went well.

Ian, as always, was the perfect guest. Never lost for words (and I say that in a totally complimentary way), he communicates well in a professional manner. From reminiscing about his own playing career, through to his thoughts on the next TNS game, it was a pleasure to interview him.

I’m looking forward to doing the show each week and if you’re associated with The New Saints and would like to be our guest, then let me know. At the moment we are doing the recordings on Wednesdays at Park Hall.

I really must pay credit to Sam Thomas as well. He may not be on the frontline of things in a visible way, but the work that he does for the club is invaluable. When I say that Sam is an indispensable part of the social media team, that is no exaggeration. Diolch, Sam, you are appreciated very much.

Following two consecutive draws, it was good to get back to winning ways on Saturday with the 3-1 win against Port Talbot Town. TNS Radio occupied a new position in the press box, which not only gives us a central position but also makes it easier access guests.

We were privileged to have TV presenter, Iolo Williams, with us for the last twenty minutes. As a keen amateur naturalist myself I must confess it did become TNS Radio nature show for the final quarter. Then when I found out Iolo also goes fishing, well, that was that!

All I can say is, back to business as usual this week when we visit Airbus UK. Don’t forget, if you’re not at the game then you can listen to TNS Radio, with the link on the club website. We appreciate your company and for those that do tune in, thanks!

Finally, it was great to catch up with Cortez Belle again. Without the other knowing, we also brought gifts for each other! Cortez presented me with a signed shirt for my ever-growing collection of Welsh football memorabilia and I gave him a carrot cake baked by my wife the night before!

This went back to last season when Debby made a cake for the Aberystwyth Town team and Cortez joined in on Twitter, saying he liked carrot cake. Cortez, your wish is our command!

We mentioned the cake on air and it was great to see Mr Belle’s better-half and sister, Caroline and Nadine respectively, joining in with the banter. I love that side of being involved with Welsh football!