Rev's Ramblings

With no Tuesday game last week, my first visit to Park Hall was on Wednesday. Off into Oswestry with Gilbert Woolley and Euan Harris, we visited local shops as part of the #TNSTownTour. Yes, we like our hashtags at The New Saints.

Promoting the club, and in particular the next home game, the response we received from both existing contacts and new ones was excellent. Since we’ve been going out, which has been weekly since the summer, we’ve not only had good feedback but also people through the turnstiles.

I don’t know about you, but I think we have something good here at The New Saints and definitely worth shouting about. That has been echoed in the response from those that have been at a Park Hall game for the first time.

There’s only one thing better than seeing a first-timer at the match and that’s witnessing someone return a second time. I can remember my first visit to watch a TNS game; I was well and truly bitten and I’ve remained so ever since.

If you haven’t listened to the latest TNS Radio Football Show episode, then make sure you do. It features Craig Harrison, Scott Quigley, Mike Harris, Ian Williams and Shelly McGlinchey. The intro is Quigs’ hat-trick at Carmarthen as it happened on TNS Radio. There is a ‘podcasts’ link on the club website.

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor? Whether it’s a football match or otherwise, whenever I visit the area, that song always comes to mind. Well, as it happened, we did on Friday evening courtesy of a 2-0 victory.

As a keen angler I feasted my eyes on the Irish Sea for most of the A55 journey as it runs alongside it. Then of course, with Bangor City playing on the banks of the Menai Straits and with water just visible from the press box, I was constantly reminded of my passion.

Kai Edwards jokingly asked me before the game if I was going fishing afterwards. I said I should have travelled in my car instead of the team bus and then gone for the night. All that water and I never cast a single line. What has my life become. And that, of course, is also a joke!

TNS Radio went very well and as it was down to bare bones due to no Sam Thomas or main guest (although Steve Benyon helped out alongside filming the game), I was very grateful of the Twitter interaction that kept things bubbling away. Well done to Clint Jones who guessed the Word Plant. ‘My girl’ was suggested by Scott Ruscoe.

Make sure you’re listening in as we drop a word / words / phrase into the show and the first one to guess it wins. There is even a small prize with this one. Nothing for #BeatTheBelle though other than a mention in this column!

Therefore, well done to Moya Jackson and Jez Jeavons who correctly guessed that TNS would win 2-0. We will be on air on both Tuesday and Friday this week so make sure you’re tuned in. The link is on the club site and we look forward to your company.