Rev's Ramblings

I can’t get to as many TNS Ladies games as I would like to due to them being Sunday afternoon kick-offs and church occupying my time until at least mid-day and usually beyond. However, whenever anything is local it is always on my radar, and with the away tie at Crusaders Ladies being just fifteen miles away, that was one I pencilled in.

Played in the Bournville suburb of Birmingham, the final score was 1-1, so I guess no celebrations for Joe Thompson’s side this time round. The Saints remain unbeaten so far this season though. I interviewed the manager post-match along with star striker, Emily Ridge.

Both were excellent and you can hear what they had to say in episode seven of the TNS Radio Football Show. This can be found via the ‘podcast’ link on the club website. I’m certainly enjoying doing them and now we’re a couple of months in, they’re taking on their own identity.

The current show briefly turns into TNS X Factor, as The Venue’s Ross Tyler and Chairman Mike Harris stretch their vocal cords. Not together, I might add, so rather than a duet you get to listen to two separate pieces.

So, if it were a winner-takes-all competition, which one would win? Would Ross edge it with his boy-band looks or would the Crooning Chairman warble his way to victory? Why not listen and decide for yourself. I’m saying nothing…

It was good to see new boy, Robbie Parry, make his debut last Tuesday in theWord Cup victory over Haverfordwest County. We chose him as our player to interview, post-game, on TNS TV and again you can hear that in full on episode seven of the podcast.

It was a very nice surprise to receive a tweet from regular Bluebirds’ keeper, Scott James, who wasn’t in the travelling party. Instead he was at home listening to TNS Radio. Well, the one tweet soon developed into a Twitter exchange between us which I thoroughly enjoyed.

A lot of what people call ‘banter’ is anything but, it’s nothing more than vitriolic abuse and an excuse to offload personal anger and hatred onto another. I have no time for that, I avoid it like the plague, but when I come across genuine stuff like with Scott, I embrace it fully.

With another Friday game in the fixture list, we found ourselves heading across the Plynlimon range to the coastal resort of Aberystwyth. We weren’t there for a vacation though and it was great to see the unbeaten domestic run continue.

Well done to our #BeatTheBelle winners this last week, starting with Moya Jackson and John Salvi who went for TNS 3 Haverfordwest 1. I must also mention Scott Morton, who although he predicted 3-0, did go for Draper and Quigley as the scorers.

Then there was the TNS Radio cake-maker who went for Aberystwyth 0 TNS 4. Like her cakes, Debby Bloor came good with that one. The cake, by the way, is becoming legendary in its own right. Visit us on air for your slice!