Rev's Ramblings

One of the aspects of TNS Radio that I enjoy very much is the variety of guests that we get. Mostly they are total surprises as well, as was the case at the recent Aberystwyth game, when we had the Tarannau cheerleaders on air.

With 20-25 people involved, I was thankful of the large media suite that we occupied on the halfway line. There were a number of appearances throughout the match, ranging from a couple of girls through to the full gang.

In typical TNS Radio fashion, we meandered and went off on many tangents, covering topics as diverse as wild boars and fishing in Cornwall. There’s never a dull moment when we’re on air, that’s for sure! Commentary, chat and banter – that’s what we describe the show as and you get what it says on the tin.

We’ve been out and about in Oswestry again, last Wednesday, on the #TNSTownTour. It’s all about promoting the club, and in particular, the next home game. If you’re a regular in the town then you may see the fruits of our labour in the form of posters on display.

The response that we’ve been getting has been brilliant, to put it mildly. Not only in terms of building relationships on behalf of the club but actually where the rubber hits the road. We’ve seen people through the turnstiles – with excellent feedback as well.

Have you listened to the latest TNS Radio Football Show? It’s definitely worth it as again we have some top guests. In a recent episode I asked Steve Evans who is the worst golfer at the club? Without any hesitation at all, he named Chris Marriott.

Well, in this week’s I asked Mazza if he really is as terrible as Evo made out. I also quizzed him on who, in his opinion, is the bottom of the Park Hall pile as far as swinging the clubs is concerned. All is revealed in the show, which can be found via the ‘podcast’ link on the club website.

I didn’t have far to travel to interview one of the guests. It was the TNS Radio cake-maker and I’m married to her. Debby Bloor. We have a noisy parrot, so we closed the doors, went to the top of the stairs and did it that way with the microphone between us. Most of the TNS players/staff ones by the way are recorded on the balcony at Park Hall.

And talking of the balcony, we were back in air on Saturday for the visit of our friends from Pembrokeshire. It was the third tie between us in two  months and another victory for The New Saints. I really hope that the Bluebirds stay up this season though, so all the best to them.

Congratulations to Alex Darlington (who also features in the current podcast) and Kayleigh on the birth last week of baby Raya. All the best from everyone at The New Saints. Sadly though, as we celebrate one life coming into the world, we say farewell to another departing it.

It was with great sadness that we all heard the news about match-day steward Dave Shuker. Our thoughts, prayers and sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. It was very touching that there was a minute’s applause prior to the Haverfordwest game and nice to see the stewards in with the players and officials gathered around the centre-circle.