Rev's Ramblings

With seven straight wins, it probably came as no surprise that Craig Harrison was awarded the Dafabet Welsh Premier League manager of the month. With a goal aggregate of 21-2 it was an impressive October indeed. Congratulations Craig, it is thoroughly deserved.

It also highlights the tremendous coaching staff that the manager has behind him and Craig paid tribute to them when I interviewed him post-match at MBi Llandudno. The other person chosen for TNS TV was Saints’ legend, Steve Evans, who himself received good news this week with the award of his UEFA A licence.

From the chairman down there is a wealth of talent at Park Hall. Whether on the pitch or off it, behind the scenes or on the front-line, the reality is that the overall success of the club is down to some very gifted and hard-working people.

Have you listened to our latest TNS Radio Football Show podcast? Episode nine is a cracker, and I can say that because like all the others, it’s nothing to do with me but rather down to the great quality guests that we have.

Kicking off this week’s are the two newest signings, Robbie Parry and Daniel Gossett, as we catch up with them a few weeks into their respective TNS journeys. We are trying to create an informal, friendly approach to the podcasts and this was captured as both were distracted by each other as we chatted!

We also have an appearance from Greg Draper, who talked about the 2-0 victory against Haverfordwest County, where he grabbed both goals. In addition, Drapes settled the debate as to who is the worst golfer at TNS – the aforementioned Steve Evans or Chris Marriott.

Well, the verdict was convincing so you can find that out as well by listening to the show. The spontaneous informality is highlighted by the verbal appearance of Mazza. Making his way across the pitch below us as I chatted to Greg on the balcony, he joins in. Great stuff!

Finally, it was a new ground on my list when we visited MBi Llandudno on Saturday. The welcome we received from the club was great so I would like to acknowledge that publicly. TNS Radio broadcast from the media suite on the halfway line and we had several of the Seasiders’ fans on air during the show.

It was great to welcome Clint Jones back as well. A Holywell Town fan, he joined us at the recent theWord Cup fixture between our two teams. At the game with dad Ian, Tallie and Cady Brazier also made their way on air. It’s always an encouragement to see TNS fans on the road, especially youngsters who are the future of the club.

No-one #BeatTheBelle this week with just John Salvi getting it right from the previous game. The WordPlant was guessed by Steven Matthews, who got ‘Jaffa cakes’, given to us by Debby Bloor the TNS Radio cake-maker!

Enjoy your week and we look forward to seeing you at Park Hall on Friday as we entertain the Lilywhites from Denbighshire. If you’re not at the game then don’t forget that TNS Radio is live on air 15 minutes before kick-off. Check out my daily TNS blog by clicking HERE.