Rev's Ramblings

For the second game on the bounce, it was another thriller, although this time not a three-points happy ending one. You cannot take away from Rhyl’s never-say-die attitude, but in all honesty the game should have been signed, sealed and delivered long before they got back into it.

We have become so accustomed to winning that sometimes a draw feels like a defeat. However, it wasn’t, and although it may have been points dropped, it was only two and not three. The unbeaten domestic run continues.

Talking of Rhyl, I spent last week on vacation in the area with my wife, Debby. Every time I went out – apart from when I was fishing of course – I proudly wore my TNS gear. Yet, it was only on the very last day that it was even noticed.

Walking round Asda at Kinmel Bay, one of the workers passed a comment. In the ensuing conversation it turned out he has been a match official in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League in previous seasons and in fact that weekend was scheduled as an assistant referee at the Denbigh Town v Holyhead fixture.

I said to my wife when we walked round Rhyl that a Lilywhites player could probably walk through the town centre and maybe not even be recognised by anyone. Imagine that happening in the English Premier League. Rather than dwell on the negativity though it should compel us to do all we can in terms of promotion.

For some time now I’ve had a TNS sticker on the back window of my car. That has now been complemented by a Welsh flag and club scarf on the parcel shelf. It’s our club and it’s our national league – let’s promote it. Why not join me? For starters, there are car stickers on sale next time you’re at The Venue.

True to their word at the Llandudno game, Tallie and Cady Brazier made a cake each for TNS Radio for the visit of Rhyl. I must say, they were superb creations, and not only caught my eye but the official TNS Radio cake-maker gave them a massive thumbs-up. That’s my wife, Debby, by the way!

In addition, the girls sold off a few slices and raised a total of £30.03 for Children In Need. Fantastic effort, well done!. If you want to see photographs of Tallie and Cady (who play for TNS girls U14s and U12s respectively) with their cakes then take a look at the TNS Facebook page.

Finally on the subject of cakes, with my wife at the Rhyl game, Simon Spender and Greg Draper put in their ‘orders’. So the next two games will see coffee cake and lemon drizzle on the agenda. Want a slice? Visit us at TNS Radio and we’ll happily oblige!

The current TNS Radio Football Show is a good one. It’s episode 10 and you can listen via the podcast link on the home page of the club website. In this week’s episode we catch up with new father, Alex Darlington. He’s the third player that we’ve chatted to in recent weeks about the joys of fatherhood. Is there a baby boom at TNS?

We also chat with two of the management team, Craig Harrison and Steve Evans, following the thriller at Llandudno. Both were the recipients of good news themselves this week (no, not babies!) and we ask them about that.

We also go behind-the-scenes as we venture into The Venue’s kitchen to mince words with Jon Morgan and Ryan Richards. Episode 11 will be out later this week so look out for that as well.