Rev's Ramblings – A right old Barney at Park Hall

There was a right old barney going on at Park Hall on Tuesday evening. I’m not referring to anything on the pitch, or even off it in the way that people would assume. Rather I’m acknowledging the fact, that as Hurricane Barney made its way across country, it certainly spiced things up.

The worst of it though had gone by the final whistle. Fortunately, the stadium doesn’t have immediate high trees otherwise it could have been deemed dangerous enough for the game to be cancelled.

That would have been the last thing Carmarthen Town would have wanted. In fact, using a weather-related saying, it would have been a case of lightning striking twice indeed as it wasn’t that long ago they did the same journey only to be confronted by an icy pitch. On that occasion the game was postponed.

As it happened, the Old Gold still went home disappointed. This time though due to the 1-4 defeat. Great for us though and as it was theWord Cup semi-final, it means we’re just 90 minutes (assuming no extra-time of course) away from the first domestic silverware on offer this season.

I really enjoyed being at the two cup finals last season and I’m already looking forward to this one in the New Year. I love league games, of course, but there’s just something special about cup final days. I’m really pleased for Denbigh Town as they will be joining us for the big occasion.

Less than three months ago I was in Denbigh on a Friday evening watching TNS dominate the game and coming away with an 8-0 victory. To think that they have turned that around in such a short period of time is amazing. Well done, Denbigh Town!

With two games this last week, it was our turn to travel on Sunday as we journeyed to Port Talbot. It was another one of those long days for me, in this case a seventeen hour one. As always though, I’m not complaining, just saying.

It was great to get the three points and extend the lead at the top of the Dafabet Welsh Premier League to eleven points. One thing I’ve learnt as a football fan of many years standing though is that it’s never over till the fat lady sings.

I wouldn’t even say she’s clearing her throat. However, it is a nice position to be in and that’s a fact. We chose goalscorer, Jamie Mullan, as the player to interview post-match so you can check that out on TNS TV.

In addition, the interview in full will be in this week’s club podcast. I’m really enjoying doing these and the feedback is great. In fact in a recent game the opposition manager made a point of coming over to say how much he enjoys them.

That was really nice to hear because as well as being about TNS, I’m always focused on the big picture as well. If Welsh football does well we all benefit. We will all function better as individuals when the corporate body is healthy.

Finally, if you can’t make the game this Saturday then don’t forget to listen to TNS Radio. The link is on the club website and we go on air fifteen minutes before kick off. We look forward to your company.