The FAW, S4C and TV production company Rondo, have mutually decided to switch Saturday’s live televised JD Welsh Cup match from Holyhead to TNS, due to the high winds forecast tomorrow.

The live outside broadcast will now take place at TNS’s Park Hall Stadium as the current holders host Aberystwyth Town in a repeat of the 2014 Final. This match will now kick off at 17:15pm.

“The match between Holyhead Hotspur and Bangor City was picked to be the televised match and would have been the first ever live football match on Anglesey, so it’s disappointing that the elements have defeated us,” said FAW Head of Competitions, Andrew Howard.

“We have monitored the weather forecast all week and with the winds scheduled to be consistently over 40mph on Saturday in Holyhead, regrettably it’s not safe to broadcast the game from the temporary gantry.”

Heavy rain is also forecast throughout the night, so a pitch inspection will be held at the New Stadium at 11:00am on Saturday morning. The kick-off for the match will remain at 17:15. If the match goes ahead, a single camera will still be at the match to take highlights, which will be shown on Clwb on Sunday afternoon,

The decision was taken on Friday morning in consultation with all four clubs and the FAW and S4C would like to thank all clubs concerned for their cooperation and understanding, which should hopefully ensure that a live match can be broadcast on Saturday.