Rev's Ramblings – Sgorio, red button guys and under attack from Desmond

Although the game has been played now of course, the current TNS weekly podcast (episode 13) is a JD Welsh Cup special. I took advantage of the recent Sgorio cameras being at Park Hall to interview Tomi Morgan and Mark Jones for the show.

If you’re familiar with the televised matches then you’ll certainly know them as the red-button commentary team. I’m actually a big fan of the duo and whenever I can (i.e. it doesn’t come immediately after a TNS fixture), I’m glued to the screen.

I would go as far as saying, from a personal perspective, that they are the best commentators across the board. Of course, they are doing my favourite league, that helps, but even apart from that I think they’re great.

Therefore, it was a real honour to get them on the show. You can listen to what they had to say via the ‘Podcast’ link on the TNS website. Both of them have a successful Welsh Cup heritage and they talk about that. Intrigued? Check it out!

I took full advantage of the Sgorio team’s availability by also doing an interview with Nicky John, who is normally the other side of the microphone herself. That’s for the next podcast though, so as they say, watch this space. All three were very obliging and that was really appreciated.

It was great to chat with Kai’s father, John Edwards at the recent Airbus UK game. As soon as I got talking with him, I knew who’s dad he was. Talk about spitting image. With one son on the pitch for the home side and another on the bench for the visitors, it was definitely a proud moment for him, not to mention a fence-sitting one.

I was on #TownTour duty again this week, visiting various shops and businesses in Oswestry. It’s encouraging to see people happily take a poster and display it in a prominent position. What’s even more positive though is to see people through the turnstile at Park Hall. That’s the real fruit from the labour.

Finally, and going full circle, back to both Sgorio and the JD Welsh Cup, it was good to see TNS progress on Saturday afternoon courtesy of a solid 3-0 against Aberystwyth Town. Due to Anglesey under attack from Desmond (and it was pretty bad at our game as well), the latest storm to ravage the UK, the live game switched to Park Hall at the eleventh hour.

It was a disappointment for Holyhead Hotspur of course, who were due to play Bangor City, but good to see the cameras back at Park Hall for the second week on the bounce. Set up next to the previously mentioned red-button team on the balcony, Sam Thomas and I took to the airwaves with TNS Radio.

Among the guests was TNS’ Chief Operating Officer, Ian Williams, bringing as always his insights into the Welsh game. Making his debut on the show was Andrew Howard, the head of competitions at the FA of Wales. It’s always good to have people at the top of the game.

Finally, can you #BeatTheBelle? Well, we had one winner this week. Drumroll….. Me! Yes, with predictions ranging from a 4-0 TNS victory through to a 2-3 away win, I was the only one who hit the nail on the head.

What about this coming Friday (December 11), when it’s more of the same as far as our opponents are concerned. Cortez reckons TNS 2 Aberystwyth 0. What do you think? You can email me your prediction at Go on, don’t be shy! Thanks to those who did last week.

Have a good week!