Rev's Ramblings – I have a dream

I have a dream. Or to be accurate, in my case I had a dream. When our bodies shut down for the night, our minds continue to be active and many things pass through them during the hours of darkness. However, the vast majority of dreams come and go and we never remember them.

This one though was still crystal-clear long after I had returned to the land of the living, and as it was TNS-related it’s good material for the column, as it’s definitely something different! As is the case with most stuff that goes on in our head when we’re asleep, it was all jumbled up and not relevant to real life.

As it was the first time I’ve dreamed (or at least can recall doing so) about the club, I thought I’d share it. There was a stadium that was hosting Welsh games one after the other. Although we were in the USA there were Dutch people everywhere. I was with Sam Thomas and when we went into the ground, Nicky John was there.

She saw us, came over and sat by us. TNS were playing Airbus UK. Then Sam and I left the stadium and walking around I had a fleece on that Kai Edwards gave me (he did, in real life) but the club badge had dropped off. Have you ever had a TNS dream? Maybe one that came true (or at least made sense), as opposed to mine, although you never know eh!

Anyway, let me know and I’ll share it in the column! Talking of Nicky John though, that leads on nicely to the current podcast (episode 14). Nicky is our main guest and I asked her how she got involved with Sgorio as well as TNS memories. Also featured is Academy coach, Kieran Lee-Birch.

In addition we’ve got the post-match TNS TV interviews from the game against Aberystwyth in the Welsh Cup fixture. As always, manager Craig Harrison is in there, and this time he’s joined by his namesake, goalkeeper and captain, Paul. To listen, go to the club website and look for the ‘podcast’ link on the home page.

The reference to the Welsh Cup again leads on nicely to the next topic. Glued to the TV last Sunday afternoon, I watched the fourth round draw with excitement! The main thing for me personally was that I wanted a new ground to visit with TNS. Therefore that means avoiding a Dafabet Welsh Premier League club and then coming out second.

Barry Town away was perfect! In fact I would go as far as to say it’s the tie of the round and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s chosen as the Sgorio live TV game. However, that’s not till next February and there is a lot more football water under the bridge before then.

It was a case of as you were on Friday, as Aberystwyth returned to Park Hall for the second time in less than a week. What a difference a day makes, well six certainly does for sure. This time round the visitors earned a draw.

Two points dropped for TNS? Yes, but the positive is that the team is still unbeaten domestically this season with a healthy lead at the top. You can’t win them all and if you don’t, a draw is a very good second-best.

Enjoy your week.