Rev's Ramblings – I went to Cornwall with Greg Draper

In last week’s column I shared the details of my first TNS-related dream. Well, can you believe it, I’ve only gone and had another one this week, just my second in two seasons at the club. Just like the proverbial (or maybe not so) bus, two appear in quick succession after a period of nocturnal inactivity.

This one began when Greg Draper told me he was off to Cornwall for a couple of days as he was selling his house, and did I want to travel with him so I could do some fishing. Well, dream or real life, the answer to that is a no-brainer. ‘Where are you going to stay when you’re not fishing? He asked.

‘I’m going to live on the beach for two days and fish continuously’ was my reply. Yes, the dream is still crystal-clear and I can recall the conversation as if it had really happened. So that’s what I did, I spent a couple of days and nights on a Cornwall beach, except it was Rhyl. Only it wasn’t, but rather somewhere I have never been before.

You know how mixed up dreams can get. Anyway, will there be a land-of-nod activity hat-trick in quick succession? I don’t know. All will be revealed next Monday if there is though so stay tuned. The only thing real about this week’s nocturnal adventure is the fact I’m a passionate fisherman, I haven’t got a clue where the rest of the stuff came from. Dreams, eh!

Talking of dreams, Graham Vince a TNS fan from Huddersfield, got in touch to say he had a match-related one in his. ‘I had a dream on Monday night and I watched the Bala goal get battered for 90 minutes but without success’. More of Bala Town though in next week’s column when we catch up with the festive games.

Back to reality and the present as this week I visited Molineux for my favourite English league fixture – Wolves v Leeds United. I went to my first Wanderers game in 1963, and prior to getting on board with TNS I had a season ticket in the South Bank.

I don’t get to see many matches now of course, but providing TNS aren’t playing that day then the visit of the Yorkshiremen is top of the list. I nearly missed it though, it was only a tweet I read from Wayne Jones, the Haverfordwest County manager, the day before that I was reminded. Wayne is a Wolves fan by the way!

It was different being at a game and just able to watch, rather than being involved. In fact the last time I did that was in the Faeroe Islands back in the summer when a few of us went to watch Vikingur play Rosenborg in the Europa Cup competition.

Back to Molineux though and there are differences between the English and Welsh games. OK, we may not get the massive crowds, and therefore to a great extent, the atmosphere. But we don’t need a line of police separating fans hurling abuse at each other.

When I tell people that most grounds in the Dafabet Welsh Premier League have just one turnstile that all fans go through, they are amazed. When I then say there are no police, no segregation (certainly at Park Hall anyway) and the only punch thrown is a celebratory one when your team scores, they find it almost unbelievable.

When you think about it, the Welsh game has a lot going for it and those are the points we need to emphasise when spreading the good news. Plus here at TNS it’s just £8 to watch a game and £1 for kids. I was encouraging someone from Bridgnorth to pay us a visit just the other day. When I told him he can bring his two children as well for a tenner in total, he was genuinely taken back!

Finally, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. If you’re a traditional fan and you love your Boxing Day football, see you at Newtown. Alternatively, if you’re not there, don’t forget to listen to TNS Radio. We will go on air from 2.15 p.m. And the link is on the club website. We look forward to your company.