150 Not Out for Wilde

TNS striker Mike Wilde scored a landmark 150th Welsh Premier League goal on New Years Day during the 4-1 victory over Newtown.

The former Chester City striker who is currently enjoying his second spell with The Saints scored in the second half to bring his goal tally up to 150 in the WPL.

The achievement is all the more impressive when you consider that the 150 League goals have come in only 210 starts.

Wilde, who is now 32 said, ‘Someone had mentioned to me that I was on 149 so I was delighted to have scored the landmark goal. It didn’t play on my mind in the game, but it’s a good milestone. Some might say I should’ve had a few more.

Wilde added, ‘I have loads of fond memories with TNS, in the Champions League – scoring in Europe, playing against Liverpool and Manchester City, but also all the goals that have led to us winning the league over the years too.’

The TNS number 18 began this season in fine form and managed to score a famous hat-trick in the UEFA Champions League against Faroese Champions, B36 Torshavn.

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